CLUSTER Announces 24-Hour Art Fest and Pop-Up Show

Editor | - April 10, 2013

'The theme of the show embodies CLUSTER’s identity as a group: a bunch, a cluster of like-minded arts individuals'

CLUSTER, SFUAD’s student art collective presents Coffee+Nicotine, a 24-hour art fest and pop-up show taking place on SFUAD’s campus, with a public reception on April 20 at 7p.m. at the Visual Art Center. Students will have 24 hours to make work prior to the opening that falls under the theme: a number of things of the same kind. The exhibition reflects the urgency and sense of panic that we feel is intrinsic to the art school experience, rejecting the deeper societal acculturation towards perfection in the favor of completion and community. It is CLUSTER’s first public event and will involve participation from the entire campus. Work can include projected video, performance, 2D/3D, spoken word, music and more.

The theme of the show embodies CLUSTER’s identity as a group: a bunch, a cluster of like-minded arts individuals. Etymologically, “art” comes from a basic word meaning “to join together.” CLUSTER fully realizes the potential of this definition by joining together students, departments, and local artists for the purpose of creative development and collective organization.

Students will have the opportunity to work with San Fran re-located art collective SCUBA and Santa Fe’s own Radical Abacus, who will participate with students during the 24-hour shift. Projects include a Furniture Clinic hosted by Radical Abacus, during which reclaimed furniture in need of love will be revamped.

Participation from Santa Fe’s local contemporary artists include SCUBA, Axle Contemporary, Radical Abacus, Thais Mather, Meow Wolf and VP Feminist Collective.

Music by super rad local music-makers Alamo Sun + more!

CLUSTER is a student run initiative to generate community and collectivity within the art department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. CLUSTER creates a sense of solidarity among artists and art students, cultivating an emerging art scene in Santa Fe that fully embraces the complexity and scope of what it means to be an artist today.

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