Help Save the Santa Fe Children’s Museum | - November 5, 2012

Hutton staff to remain on-site 24 hours a day until funds are raised

You may have recently heard about the possible closing of the Santa Fe Children’s Museum due to financial issues. In fact, they’ve stated that they are in danger of closing their doors very soon if they don’t get the support that they need now!
Everyone at Hutton Broadcasting is committed to showing support for the Santa Fe Children’s  Museum, an institution in this community since 1985.  Some 80,000 people visit each year, including 10,000 school children on field trips. The museum also offers one of the largest teen employment, internship and volunteer opportunities in the region. It’s a part of nearly every Santa Fe’s child’s life.
They have a two-phase plan in place to restore the facility to financial solvency.  They are also setting up a task force to review and rethink their business model. Hutton Broadcasting has pledged support of the museum by putting our resources behind their fund-raising efforts in Phase One.  As part of our efforts, we are planning a Radiothon at the museum.  All of our stations -—KBAC, BLU 102.9, 107.5 Outlaw Country, Project 101.5, ESPN AM, and KTRC-AM— will be broadcasting live from the museum starting at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, November 7.
We will continue to do so until the museum reaches its goal of $200,000.  We plan on doing whatever we can, including having members of our staff sleeping in the museum as part of the event.  All of the people at Hutton Broadcasting want to encourage everyone in Santa Fe to do what they can to help the museum keep its doors open.  Every little bit helps.
We are asking our partners to help us in this endeavor.  One way to help is to make a donation directly to the museum.  Stop by the museum while we’re there, and we’ll announce your company and its donation as part of our activities during the Radiothon. Another way for our advertisers to be involved is to donate gift certificates goods or services , which we will announce on-air and online, and sell to our listeners at the event—at 50% of value, with 100% of the proceeds being donated on their behalf to the museum. The Children’s Museum has made Santa Fe a richer, more vibrant place for our children for the past 27 years. Now they are asking the community to help them stay open and do what they do even better.
That’s why we are asking our partners and friends to dig deep, and write a check for whatever they can or donate goods for us to sell on their behalf.  With your help, we are NOT going to allow this great facility to close.