Breast Cancer Awareness Month Local Events

Editor | - October 7, 2011

Amavi Restaurant sponsors the Breast Wishes Fund (BWF) High End Happy Hour fundraiser on October 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., inviting new and old friends for a sexy menu of healthy, seasonal, feminine-inspired foods and cocktails, specially designed by chef, Megan Tucker, with cellist Michael Kott serenading. This is an invitational event, though all are welcome. A $50 donation is requested at the door.

For October 20’s MIX party at Inn & Spa at Loretto, the Breast Wishes Fund is having a “Tit Print Party”; where women are invited to make titillating body art, display them and donate to BWF.

BWF’s 2nd Annual Free Integrative Medicine Educational Forum is scheduled for October 22, during which the BWF and its partner, Albuquerque’s Breast Cancer Resource Center, sponsor therapists and educators to discuss their areas of expertise – highlighting lesser known, inexpensive, empowering information about breast cancer and wellness. This year’s event will include a “Cancer Free Cooking Class” with a free lunch served, as well as free individual consultations and treatments with the speakers.

Did you know? One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime while $34 billion has been spent on integrative therapies in the U.S., alone. Breast Wishes Fund is an online and community resource to help navigate the gauntlet of alternative and complementary choices for women and their families. Breast Wishes supports women in making health decisions from a place of empowerment versus fear by offering events and concise information about integrative breast cancer and breast wellness options.

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