Snow Poems: Night of Illumination in Pictures

All Photos by Luke Montavon.

# 4, 213 E. Marcy St., Nina Koh. 

Night of Illumination was the Feb. 22 culminating event for the Snow Poems project, featuring locally created poetry in public space. A complete map is available online.

# 3, 101 W. Marcy St., Jesse Wood

# 2BC. 201 W. Marcy St., Miriam Sagan

# 2A, 201 W. Marcy St., Marc Seabock

#8, 142 W. Palace Ave., Mateo Martinez

#7, 125 N.Guadalupe St., Front Entrance, Lauren Whitehurst

#7, 125 N.Guadalupe St., Back, Katherine Kubarski

#13, 328 Montezuma Ave., Christian Nardl

#16, 328 S. Guadalupe St. Ste. E., Wayne Lee

#26, 600 Old Santa Fe Trail., Lauren Camp