Night of the Living Cover Bands Invades Santa Fe Sol, Oct. 29 | - October 21, 2011

"Celebrate Halloween at Santa Fe SOL with your favorite local musicians at Night of the Living Cover Bands”

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” The Beatles

As much fun as we all have dressing up for Halloween, musicians have an even better time. The get to play, get paid, AND wear silly/scary/over-the-top costumes on stage. Here in the “City Different,” a few of our favorite bands have taken, well, a different approach to the holiday. They are not just coming to the gig in costume – they are coming in costume as OTHER bands. Are you confused yet?

On Saturday, October 29, Santa Fe music fans will be “treated” to a “trick” only before seen in Albuquerque at The Launchpad – the Night of the Living Cover Bands! This year, Santa Fe Sol is hosting the festivities.

What is Night Of The Living Cover Bands, you might ask? Here's the deal: Take some of your favorite local bands, sprinkle in some counter-intuitive influences, add a dash of make-up, a smidgen of Santa Fe Brewing Company Brew, and voila! You end up with everybody as somebody else. For instance: Mikey Baker’s The Faculty, will take the stage performing as Queen. If that doesn’t sound all that spooky, imagine minimalist, genre-bending two-piece Todd and the Fox appearing as Pink Floyd. Creepy, scary, ooooohh.

But wait, there’s more! Two local bands will get all “New York” on you just for the holiday: The Boom Roots Collective will do a set as The Beastie Boys. And Low On High will grab their Converse hi-tops and play as punk Godfathers, The Ramones. East Coast attitude in the house!

And if that’s not enough: One of Santa Fe’s top attractions, The Strange will celebrate the holiday as… wait for it….The Black & White Striped Keys! Plus, long-time local favorite singer/songwriter Alex Maryol will take on the chameleon-like persona of David Bowie. And there are even more special surprises and guests planned. Now doesn’t that sound like a show you don’t want to miss?

Todd Eric Lovato, leader of Todd and the Fox, explains his band’s plans for this Halloween spectacle (with tongue firmly in cheek): "Aside from preparing to play the music of Pink Floyd, we're preparing a psychedelic and visual performance, that will include some old turntables, sound effects, lights and maybe even a flying pig or two.” As to the rest of the evening’s performers: "Night of the Living Cover Bands is an opportunity to see some of Santa Fe's best local talent in outrageous form."

The Night of the Living Cover Bands is an all-ages show (bar access with ID). Doors open at 7 p.m., and the cover is just $ 5!!!

There are lots of great things happening all over Santa Fe on Halloween weekend, but this has to be the coolest, most unique one. Hit the South Side and catch this once-a-year spectacle….or no treats for you!