SFUAD Students Display Artwork on Interstate Billboard

Editor | SantaFe.com - March 14, 2013

From a Santa Fe University of Art and Design press release...

The Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) Graphic Design Department recently installed a billboard on behalf of its Experimental Typography class that artistically depicts the word “BOUND.” The billboard is located on the right hand side of I-25 North after exit 271 (the La Cienega exit) and before exit 276 (the Relief Route exit).

The word BOUND was selected by student consensus, appreciated for its multiple meanings as well as its reference to a  driver destined for a specific location.

 “It is a rare and appreciated opportunity for a class to have access to work on a canvas of such a grand scale,” said class instructor Aryln Nathan. “The billboards lining our roadways are for the most part selling something, whether it be a product, a service, a thought or a way of life. Their purpose is to convey a message and entice a consumer. In the Experimental Typography class, our goal was to captivate a commuter with a word that was not selling or advertising anything. Readability is challenged, appealing to the viewer's aesthetic sense upon seeing the billboard, and repeatedly enticing the viewer to particapte in the reading of the word and then pondering its presence on the highway.”

The design was primarily the work of SFUAD sophomore Rachel Freeman who devised and designed the style of the piece. The entire class contributed to the colors, content and appearance of the work through feedback and insightful comments throughout the the process, according to Nathan.

“We are grateful to Herman Weisenfiner, who owns the former ‘Think Big’ billboard and who welcomed the notion of displaying non-consumer driver design on a vehicle that was created for consumer exposure,” added Nathan. “He generously gave Santa Fe University of Art and Design his billboard for many months to post a piece from our classes' explorations.”

The billboard will remain up through March 2013.

About SFUAD’s Graphic Design Department
The Graphic Design Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design examines the dual nature of graphic design as a vehicle for contemplative art and a specialized profession. Students learn the digital tools, craftsmanship, history and theory they need to embark on a successful career path as a graphic designer. SFUAD’s Foundation Year in Milan gives students the opportunity to spend their freshman year at the leading design academy NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, in Milan, Italy, a world capital of design. In a different program, students can study in Milan for one year as an upperclassman and receive a dual degree: a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SFUAD and a Bachelor of Arts from NABA. 

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