Soul Kitchen Rocks on the Plaza

- July 12, 2011

"Did you miss this terrific night?"

Santa Fe Bandstand 2011 is ready for those who love and cherish live music, dancing and community. I arrived at the end of Jono Manson. Parking angels were active and I even found a nearby parking space. I strolled over to Plaza Bakery and picked up a savory day old pastry with cheese for $2.00. I returned to the bandstand to talk with a few friends. Cloud covered sky, recent and intermittent rains, and welcomed cool air set the stage for a perfect summer's evening of great music and dancing.

Hilary Smith and the Soul Kitchen set up. I wandered over to the Project 101.5 Radio booth. Quick chat and I returned to get a good spot for the opening song of the Soul Kitchen. People rapidly filled the dance area and let loose dancing.  Few people were under 40, and most were over 50. Their moves were fluid and amazing. Time turned back as if these folks felt as they did in their 20's and 30's. Amazing.

4 tunes later, I practically jumped out of the chair, and for the first time in years I was strong enough to dance again. No cane and little pain. Heart opened and joy undulated throughout my body. I too still have some great moves. Did you miss this terrific night?

Get the schedule. Monday thru Thursday nights music for you on the Plaza. Tomorrow night, Jackalope night, 6PM Rhythm & 53rd, then Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble.

Sometimes small breaks of routine create magical memories of fun and freedom in Santa Fe.  Build your treasury of special times and show up.  All ages have fun.  Families, friends, and groups attend. If you missed Hilary Smith and the Soul Kitchen, visit their site to see all their summer 2011 events. Soul Kitchen or If you were there and appreciated the power of their music and voice, grab one of their CD's.

Both bands made sure to thank all the businesses who helped sponsor these free performances. On page 36, take special note of the many organizations that they have created to make your live, work, and play packed full of fun, good tunes, and entertainment.  Send them a note of thanks. If you are a business investigate packages that can help your business prosper.

Thank you Santa Fe for all the great programs for the community.

Photo Source: Santa Fe Bandstand Website