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Web Dashboard
The new online web dashboard is designed to supplement our annual client review tool and analysis with day-to-day, month-over-month views of your fleet operations. The views are customizable to fit your specific business needs and preferences. All your day-to-day information needs can now be found in one simple dashboard view.

    Customizable Web Reports
    Online customized reports allow our customers to view their data in a way that best suites their needs. By working with your personal account representative we can customize your report data and have it scheduled for delivery to     your Email inbox every month.

    Monthly Vehicle Cost Analysis
    Enterprise Fleet Management has created a simple tool that allows you to compare your current vehicle operating cost versus various other options and vehicle choices.

    Client Review Tool
    Enterprise Fleet Management ensures that you get a complete review and analysis of your fleet and its impact on your business.

    Mileage Reporting
    The online Mileage Reporting tool allows our customers and their drivers to track vehicle mileage by entering the current odometer reading and the amount of personal vs. business miles driven. These data entries can then be           customized and viewed online as well as downloaded in multiple file formats.

Vehicle Acquisition
As one of the largest vehicle purchasers in the country Enterprise has more than 1.1 million vehicles under management today. We have developed an extensive network of relationships with all the major manufacturers to help you acquire your fleet vehicles in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

License and Registration
With the convenience of a personal Account Manager, Enterprise Fleet Management will handle the license and registration process - across all 50 states - of your new and old fleet vehicles on your behalf.

Risk Management Programs
With a comprehensive list of services and a team of dedicated Fleet Insurance Coordinators, Enterprise Fleet Management has the resources and experience to assist you in facilitating claims in a timely, hassle-free manner.

Fuel Management
One customized card to suit all of your fueling needs authorized for use at most fueling stations around the country. Sophisticated purchase controls, data collection and reporting tools allow fleet managers, such as yourself, to more efficiently and economically manage your fleets.

Full Maintenance
With comprehensive maintenance plans that are tailored to your needs, Enterprise Fleet Management offers you the peace of mind protection you deserve at a fixed monthly cost. Our national team of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians will ensure that you have minimal involvement in maintaining an efficient fleet.

Maintenance Management
By negotiating better repair prices, expediting factory assistance claims, and ensuring proper maintenance, Enterprise Fleet Management provides economical, timely and high-quality maintenance and repairs for business vehicles.

Enterprise has a national network of experts to sell your vehicles across all available channels. Our resources and knowledge of reselling allow us to consistently outperform competitors at getting higher returns in a timely manner.

Mobile Resource Manager
The Enterprise Mobile Resource Manager is a Web-based solution that provides companies real time visibility into the locations and activities of their mobile resources. The results? Greater efficiency and superior customer service.

Accident Management
Enterprise Accident Management Program brings you expertise designed to simplify the vehicle repair process. Having an accident is never fun, but we can make the process easy so you can get back on the road. Let us show you our difference. Our expert Claims Support Coordinators will get your drivers back on the road safely, timely, and cost effectively.

Physical Damage Management
The Enterprise Physical Damage Management Program brings you claims handling expertise designed to simplify the vehicle repair process. Having an accident is never fun, but we can make the process easy so you get back on the road faster. Let us show you our difference. Our expert Claims Support Coordinators will get your drivers back on the road safely, timely, and cost effectively.

Driver Safety
Our lessons teach skills that help create an extra margin of safety in a wide range of critical driving situations. Lessons are 25 to 30 minutes in length, and include knowledge checks throughout, a test at the end, and a customized printable certificate.

With flexible terms and depreciation, and fixed or variable costs, we can develop a vehicle acquisition plan that will make the most of your company's capital.

Preferred Partner Program
Enterprise Fleet Management has created an exclusive value-added program for the employees of its clients. The Enterprise Preferred Partner Program has been developed to leverage the vast array of services and solutions that Enterprise can offer, from discounted car and truck rentals, access to great priced used vehicles and leveraging our relationships to provide various other discounted product and service offers.

By providing detailed emissions reports, fleet analyses, fuel-efficient vehicle options and greenhouse gas offset programs, Enterprise Fleet Management gives you innovative ways to address the environmental impact of your operations.