Ben and Valerie from the Santa Fe Animal shelter bring in a snake and Honey freaks out

The Big Show with Honey Harris - November 15, 2013

Valerie and I had way too much fun with Honey Harris this morning on KBAC, Radio Free Santa Fe. We apologize in advance for the scream that you hear on the podcast - our surprise was a bit much for Honey! Lilith is a 2-year-old red-tail boa who we thought would make a great guest on the show - unfortunately, we found one of Honey's buttons. We also brought along Tierra, a really sweet 1-year-old border terrier mix who helped Honey decompress from visiting with Lilith. Sorry Honey! Meet Lilith at PetSmart this afternoon, or come by the Shelter to adopt the love of your life. Lilith is also looking for the perfect home and we can tell you all about taking care of this magnificent boa!