Out Of The Vault: Son Volt – July 7, 2013

- July 9, 2013

Airing Saturday mornings 10 am - 11 am - Hosted by Eric Davis

Son Volt is an alternative country group formed by Jay Farrar in 1994 after the breakup of the band Uncle Tupelo.  The group formed after Farrar met Jim and Dave Boquist during the final Uncle Tupelo tour. Together with former Uncle Tupelo drummer Mike Heidorn, the band rehearsed and recorded in the Minneapolis area in late 1994. The group performed its first concert on June 16, 1995. Son Volt's first album, “Trace”, met with critical acclaim and topped many "best-of" lists in 1995, despite not being a large commercial success. Two follow-up albums (1997's “Straightaways” and 1998's “Wide Swing Tremolo”) continued in the same vein. “A Retrospective: 1995-2000”, released in 2005, gathered highlights from this era, along with previously unreleased recordings.  Jay Farrar announced a hiatus from Son Volt after their 1999 tour. Beginning in 2001, Jay Farrar released several solo efforts that postponed further releases from Son Volt. Farrar reformed with the original members of Son Volt to record a song for a tribute album for Alejandro Escovedo. The sessions reportedly went so well that Farrar and the other band members intended to record once again in the autumn of 2004. Just prior to the sessions, however, Farrar and the other band members abruptly ended negotiations.  Farrar formed a new version of the band with a different line-up and released an album, “Okemah and the Melody of Riot” in 2005. 2006 saw the release of a live CD and DVD called “Six String Belief”. In 2007 the band released a studio album called “The Search”. “American Central Dust” followed in 2009. A new album, “Honky Tonk”, was released March 5, 2013.


Son Volt – THE WALTONS THEME (THEME) - From the Son Volt CD “March 16-20, 1992”, re-released with bonus tracks in 2003.  This is a hidden track on the CD.

Son Volt – DROWN - "Drown" was a minor college and rock radio hit when it was released.  From their album “Trace”, 1995.

Son Volt – FLOW – From their “Wide Swing Tremolo” album 1998.  


Son Volt – CEMETARY SAVIOR – From “Straightaways”, their second release, 1997.

Son Volt – COCAINE AND ASHES – Taken from “American Central Dust”, 2009.

Son Volt – BRICK WALLS – From their latest CD “Honky Tonk”, 2013


Son Volt – TULSA COUNTY – Written by Pamela Polland.  Originally recorded by The Byrds, on “Ballad of Easy Rider” album, 1969.  From the Son Volt EP "Switchback", a Promotional only CD for the “Straightways” album, 1997.

Son Volt – WINDFALL – Originally recorded on their debut album “Trace”, 1995.  Taken from a live radio broadcast in Austin, TX, 1996.

Son Volt – LOOKING AT THE WORLD THROUGH A WINDSHIELD - Written by Jerry Chestnut and Mike Hoyer, originally recorded by Del Reeves, 1967.  From the Son Volt CD “A Retrospective: 1995-2000”.

Son Volt – OPEN ALL NIGHT – Written by Bruce Springsteen, for his 1982 solo album Nebraska.  Taken from the Springsteen tribute CD “Badlands”, 2000.

Son Volt – I'M NOT THAT CAT (ANYMORE) (LIVE) - Originally recorded by the Sir Douglas Quintet in 1975 as the "B" side of their "Roll with the Punches" single.  This version was recorded 11/17/09 in Memphis, TN.

Son Volt – CHICKAMAUGA (LIVE) - Originally recorded for the Uncle Tupelo 1993 album “Anodyne”.  From Son Volt’s 2006 performance at Bonnaroo.

Uncle Tupelo – MOONSHINER (LIVE) - "The Moonshiner" is a folk song with disputed origins. It is believed that the song originated in America, then later was made famous in Ireland. Others believe that it was the other way around. The Clancy Brothers stated on their recording that the song is of Irish origin, but again, this is disputed. Delia Murphy was singing it in Ireland from the late 1930s. American country music singer Tex Ritter is famous for a song of similar tune and lyrics by the title "Jack of Diamonds" from as early as 1933. Bob Dylan recorded "Moonshiner" around 1963; this version was released on “The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961-1991”. The song has also been performed by Elliott Smith, Cat Power, Rumbleseat, Cast Iron Filter, Railroad Earth, Bob Forrest, Roscoe Holcomb, Uncle Tupelo, Jeffrey Foucault, The Tallest Man On Earth, The Floorbirds, Ben Manuel, Dear August, The 2nd St Rag Stompers, Tim Hardin, Oscar Lush, Punch Brothers, Fannigan's Isle and The Dad Horse Experience.  From the Uncle Tupelo CD “March 16-20, 1992”, re-released with bonus tracks in 2003.  Recorded 1/24/93.


Uncle Tupelo – SIN CITY - a 1969 song by Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman, of the The Flying Burrito Brothers, recorded on their first album, “The Gilded Palace of Sin”.  Recoded by Uncle Tupelo, for their first album “No Depression”, 1990.  This is a bonus track of the 2003 reissue of that CD.