15 Things Before You Move

Moving affects identity and interrupts familiar routines – but it’s also a form of transformation, and stress is a waste of time. Our Relocation Guide provides you with all the pertinent information needed so you are connected to all that will get you settled in the City Different. First, however, we offer these 15 bits of insight before you make your move so you better know what to expect.

  1. Neighborhoods do not define you, and there are amazing views no matter where you live. While there are plenty of gated communities, many neighborhoods are a perfect mix of demographics with ancient and new structures.  
  2. Santa Fe is proud of it’s historical buildings and districts. If you chose to live in one of these neighborhoods, be prepared to abide by code rules.
  3. There is always something going on. Some of the nation’s largest art markets, vibrant festivals, concerts, and randomly fabulous cultural events happen here. While this city definitely goes to sleep at night, it wakes up early and does it all over again.
  4. This is a tourist town all year long. It's the biggest part of our economy. Allow this to be a comfortable idea for you.
  5. This is a pro-dog city. If you’re a dog lover or have a dog, this is a great place for you and yours. There are city leash rules, rightly so, that could cost you a mint if you get a ticket, but there are also many acres of open space within and outside city limits for you and Fido to run wild.
  6. Santa Fe is a fit city and ideal for those who love the outdoors. The Dale Ball Trail System is a fabulous network of trails, from easy to strenuous. Hiking, biking, and picnicking are very popular.
  7. Within 20 minutes you can be in a completely different topography. Tired of looking at mountains and aspens? Take a short drive and be among the lava rock, lizards, and choza.
  8. There is an excellent mass transit system to take you around town. The New Mexico Rail Runner will comfortably take you to Albuquerque and back.
  9. If you’re a foodie, welcome to heaven. Be forewarned, red and green chile sink into your psyche, and the enchantment is forever. You will never be able to travel anywhere outside of New Mexico without jonesing for it.
  10. Come with an explorer’s attitude. The history is deep, the cultural reach is vast. Santa Fe has so much to offer – and then there’s the rest of the state. You could easily spend years of vacation time exploring the monuments, landscape, towns, food, mountains, and hot springs all within the state lines.
  11. You need to have a high tolerance for bad drivers.
  12. Keep a sweater, umbrella, and water in your car at all times. Be prepared to experience summer and winter weather in the same week.
  13. Don’t spend all of your time taking pictures of the sunset. Sometimes just watch with the assurance there will be more.
  14. Learn how to pronounce Spanish names.
  15. Watch those first margaritas. There’s an extra super-kick at 7,000 feet above sea level.