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They say that art is the gift that keeps on giving. If the sale of that art benefits not just the artist who created it, but also fellow artists in need, it truly becomes a gift worth giving. To that end, the Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund hosts the 2022 Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund Annual Art Show and Silent Auction, featuring more than 150 original works, by some of northern New Mexico’s finest artists. This year’s fundraiser is free to attend and will be held at Site Santa Fe, on Sunday, December 11, 2022, 3 – 5 p.m.

Originally called the Santa Fe Artists Emergency Medical Fund, which was later shortened by one word, the Santa Fe Artists Medical Fund presents this art show and silent auction regularly, if not annually. What began as a fundraiser putting art on Christmas cards, it then morphed into a 6” x 6” show, in which all of the art had to fit the parameters. Since then, it has evolved to feature a fantastic array of artworks, including traditional 6” x 6” paintings, 8” x 10” photographs and 8” x 8” x 8” sculptures. This year, it is the perfect opportunity for you to mingle with artists and art lovers during an afternoon of camaraderie, champagne, and appetizers.

“We are one of the only organizations of this sort that is run by artists, for artists,” Said Joseph Riggs, an artist specializing in Southwest Cubism, as well as head of the advisory committee for the Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund. “We don’t spend a lot of time publicizing ourselves. We’re known by the artists of NM, largely by word of mouth. One of the two purposes for this silent auction is to remind the artists that we are here for them, the other, of course, is to raise money for our permanent fund. It’s all volunteer, but we have consistently worked at this for a lot of years and helped a lot of artists in the process.”

The Santa Fe Artists Medical Fund was founded in 1997 by Santa Fe artist, Armond Lara, and a group of fellow artists and other individuals concerned about the challenges faced by professional artists. Too often these artists lacked medical insurance, or had inadequate medical insurance, to cover medical costs. Since its inception, the Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund has assisted many artists from northern New Mexico in times of difficulty with medical needs and unpaid bills. For more information on the Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund, or to apply for assistance with medical bills, visit their website.

According to Joseph, the submissions are all original art, by some of the biggest names in northern New Mexico, and throughout the country. “We have people who have donated art from Texas and Colorado, artists who were formerly from Santa Fe and have since moved away,” he said pointing out that the art on display is also easily affordable. “We start the prices at $75 and, because it’s a silent auction, people can bid it up. Sometimes it’s artists buying other artists’ work. My wife and I have pieces by phenomenal artists whose large pieces we could never afford. For many of us involved, this show and auction is a celebration of the artists in Santa Fe.”

To find out more about the 2022 Santa Fe Artists’ Medical Fund Annual Art Show and Silent Auction, and how you can make the gift of art a life-saving benefit, visit the website.

This article was posted by David Salcido

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