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Are you thinking about a little freshening up of your home space? Looking for remodeling ideas for the kitchen or bathroom? Got your heart set on putting in a party patio to share those special moments with friends and family? You probably want to check in with the professionals and see what the latest and greatest improvements are, before taking the plunge.

The Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association has got you covered with their annual trade show and exhibition for the home building industry. With close to one hundred vendors from all aspects of the home building industry present, it’s here that the newest and best will be on display for members of the industry and the public at large. The 2023 Santa Fe Home Show & Remodelers Showcase transforms your dreams into reality March 11 – 12, 2023, at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center.

For two full days you’ll get the opportunity to get face time with manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, designers, and home energy system professionals. It’s here that you’ll meet Northern New Mexico’s finest remodel, renovation, and home design experts, who can turn your tired and drab living space into a showstopper. If you’re serious about making some concrete changes to the way you live in your personal space, these are the people who will not only inspire you to take the plunge, but help you realize those dreams you once thought were impossible.

“This is a very public focused event,” said Miles Conway, executive officer for the Santa Fe Home Builders Association. “There is plenty of networking that goes on among association members, but the event is primarily for members of the public – people that live in houses, or apartments, or condos. It’s a big deal to get somebody on the phone when you’re thinking of doing a remodel, or to go from store to store trying to get appointments to talk to somebody in the profession. Here at the home show, we’re all under one roof, for two days. It’s really nice for people who might be considering going solar, or getting a new window package in their home. Meeting numerous tradespeople and gathering information has never been easier.”

More Than Just A Home Show

As if that weren’t enough, the event also features Fireside Chats, to get an in-depth look at the procedures and practices of home planning and maintenance. “What we’ll be doing is going live from the convention hall with different design professionals, or experts in certain fields of construction,” Miles said. “We’ll have a water efficiency session, an energy session, one of our solar companies will talk to us, we’ll probably talk to the state engineer again about what’s coming up, then we’ll probably talk to some HVAC guys, or other people who are exhibiting in the hall about cool, latest technologies for the home, or how to get tax credits for incorporating technology into their homes. That sort of thing.”

Looking for something to inspire the next generation of builders and designers? The Kids’ Lego Creations Contest is an entertaining way to do so! “We’ve been doing the Lego contest for about nine years, including two years during the pandemic when it was virtual,” Miles said. “It was exciting because we got entries from all seven of the counties we service, with kids using not only their own Legos, but other materials, as well. Last year’s winner built a true adobe house with his grandpa. It was really cool. The virtual contest is fun because the kids take their time, then send us videos and pictures of what they did. We’ve retained that, so kids can enter online, but then we’ll also have three live one-hour build sessions, right in the lobby of the convention center, with awards ceremonies to follow immediately afterwards.”

Among the many exhibitors scheduled to take part in this grand event, are The Firebird, Positive Energy Solar, Views Landscaping, Clear Ovations, Villanueva Granite, Custom Window Coverings, Dreamstyle Remodeling, Habitat for Humanity, Lifetime Spas, Stonewood Flooring, Fix My Roof, and many, many more! Make Santa Fe will also be on hand in the lobby, for those interested in joining classes or workshops. Santa Fe Community College will also be present highlighting some of their trades programs and classes.

Make Plans Now!

“It’s important for people who are turning their houses into homes, to get face to face with the people who can turn their visions into reality,” Miles said. “Better than endlessly surfing on the internet, where you can very easily go down the rabbit hole, to find ideas about how to change your home space with windows, or color, or decorating, or different mechanical improvements. It helps to get face to face with professionals who can help you tease out what your vision is.”

March is a great time of the year to start making those changes you’ve been thinking about. Getting up close and personal with the men and women who can make those changes happen can help make 2023 the Year of the Upgrade. What have you got to lose but the same old thing? For more information on the 2023 Santa Fe Home Show & Remodelers Showcase, visit the website.

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