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New Mexico has hundreds of sunny days each year. An irrigation system for your landscape is essential. An irrigation system, the process of artificially applying water to a landscape, makes maintaining your landscape easier, more efficient, and wastes less water — a precious commodity in the desert. 

We have helpful information about setting up an irrigation system from the folks at The Firebird in Santa Fe, experts in irrigation, patio furniture, outdoor heating, and outdoor kitchens.

Do I need an irrigation system?

YES! Unless you have a desire to stand in the blazing sun, spring winds, and winter cold with a hose or moving sprinklers around, an irrigation system in the desert is vital. When a landscape is new, plants require regular water to become established. Even an established native plant landscape withers and dies in New Mexico’s extreme drought years. 

Irrigation with drip heads can be designed by The Firebird.

Benefits of installing an irrigation system

  1. Irrigation systems save a homeowner time and money. In addition, an automated irrigation system prevents the need to spend a significant amount of time watering flowerbeds, trees, and lawns. Irrigation systems also save on utility bills from overwatering or water running off.
  2. Irrigation systems add value to your home. Irrigation systems increase a home’s value by improving the exterior appearance and by providing the curb appeal of a thriving landscape. Buyers also will be sold on the ease of maintenance. 
  3. Irrigation systems are convenient. An irrigation system conveniently waters plants at the right time with the right amount of water. You have the freedom to leave home without concerns about your landscape. 
  4. Irrigation systems are environmentally friendly. A well-designed irrigation system prevents wasting water and may also decrease your use of fertilizers and pesticides by maintaining the plants’ health.
  5. Irrigation systems provide a healthy landscape. Maintain a healthy landscape by targeting water to the intended plant material. Healthy plants are more resistant to pests, which leads to savings from fewer purchases of fertilizers and insecticides.

Irrigation system spraying water into planter bed.

Types of Irrigation Systems

While there are many ways to apply water to a landscape, generally, homeowners install either an automated underground watering system or a drip system, which may be above ground or buried. The Firebird customer service team can help you determine which system is best for your landscape and budget based on soil, slope, exposure, and lawn and plant selections.


A drip system is a low-volume, low-pressure method of delivering water directly to plants, minimizing runoff and evaporation losses. Drip irrigation systems can be set up to be operated manually or automatically. A drip system can be installed by a homeowner or a professional.

The experts at The Firebird can advise you on creating and installing create and install an appropriate irrigation system or recommend professionals to do the job for you. 


An automated underground irrigation system may be the best choice for many landscapes, especially landscapes with a spacious lawn. For the homeowner, an efficient automated irrigation system provides watering schedules that account for climate and site conditions, operates at correct water pressures, provides uniform water coverage to the landscape, and uses appropriate sprinkler types or drip emitters for the irrigated area.

An underground irrigation system is the most effective for lawns, no matter the slope or soil. In addition to watering an entire landscape, automatic sprinklers can distribute fertilizers and pesticides to keep your landscape happy and healthy.

The Firebird provides advice, design, and more

The Firebird doesn’t install irrigation systems, but their highly experienced customer service team offers consultation, advice, and the components for the irrigation system of your choice — including advice on setting up a drip system or providing you with recommendations for irrigation installation experts. 

Read about how The Firebird can help you create your dream outdoor kitchen.


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