5 Great Reasons to Go Green

It’s easy to see why driving a more fuel-efficient car helps save money and cut vehicle emissions, but why should it matter if your home or place of business is green or not? And what does it mean to go green?

If you’re going green in your home or business, it means that you are making the decision to live in a more eco-friendly way. It can mean that you’re making big changes like installing solar panels, or smaller changes like choosing more efficient appliances or non-toxic cleaning solutions. Here are some reasons to go green at home and your place of business.

Increase the Value of Your Home or Business

If you’re having a home built, using sustainable materials that are better for the environment will save on utility bills, and result in healthier indoor air. In the long run, it will improve your home’s value, making resale easier.

Business owners will see some of the same benefits, while also providing a healthy environment for their employees. Having a green building and environmentally conscious habits, like green cleaning, can attract customers who have the same values.

Contact Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) to see how their services and green cleaning products can help keep your building clean and free of toxic fumes.

Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Not long ago, the term “sick building” was in the news as some employees who worked in large buildings noticed that some irritating physical symptoms seemed to happen only when they were at their place of work.

Cleaning Air Ducts
Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) employees cleaning ducts.

A lot of effort and research went into finding the cause of this problem. Most issues were related to HVAC and design flaws, but some cleaning solutions used inside buildings also contributed to these problems. Modern green cleaning solutions contribute to improved indoor air quality and help to create a healthier environment for employees.

This also applies to your home — if you go green and use fewer toxic materials for cleaning and for home projects, your indoor air will be healthier.

Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) offers services and green cleaning products that can help keep your building clean and free of toxic fumes.

Go Green to Save Natural Resources

We all know that using less electricity or natural gas can save us money, but using fewer natural resources also helps the environment and lowers the impact on climate change. Saving our most important natural resource — water — is easier than ever with the advent of low-flush toilets and more efficient washing machines.

Toxic chemicals found in some cleaning solutions eventually wind up in our air and waterways, so if you go green with cleaning products you won’t contribute to toxic materials in the environment.

Green cleaning methods use products that have a minimal impact on the environment and do not contribute to indoor air pollution that can adversely affect human health.

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Improve Your Health

Many building materials, including paints and adhesives, contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are toxic. These toxins can contribute to headaches, lung, and other health problems. Substituting those compounds for eco-friendly materials, along with green cleaning products, can give you peace of mind that the air quality inside your home is pure.

Whether you’re in the process of having a home built or having a renovation project done, using eco-friendly materials can protect the health of everyone in your home in the long-run.

Reduce Waste

Go green by reducing construction waste and either recycling discarded materials or reusing materials. Many cities have stores where you can find excess or used building materials. This is a case where going green can save some green in your pocket as these supplies usually cost less than if they were purchased new.

If you have old paint or other possibly hazardous materials, be sure to dispose of them properly. Most landfills have drop-off days or sites where you can dispose of those types of materials in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Go Green with Less Toxic Cleaning Solutions

Green cleaning methods use products that have a minimal impact on the environment and do not contribute to indoor air pollution that can adversely affect human health. Whether you clean your facility in-house or contract with another company for cleaning services, you have a choice to go green.

Since 2004, Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) has worked with leading innovators in the environmentally friendly cleaning sector. Through its PMI Green Solutions, they provide expert advice on how to maintain cleanliness in your surroundings while safeguarding both your personal health and the environment.

Go Green GlobeLook for the line of PMI Green Solutions in the Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) store or online catalog. These products, designated by a green arrow, can help you adopt green cleaning and green living practices.

PMI shows their commitment to their community’s wellness by reducing the amount of toxic chemicals and waste that contaminate the environment.

As they say at Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI), “Going green is not an all or nothing proposition. It’s about making eco-conscious improvements for the health and safety of all building occupants.” Start going green today!

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Story by Julia Osgood

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