Baka Boys All-Star Mix

Fridays 8-11 p.m.

Baka Boys All-Star Mix - Bringing in the weekend with the HOTTEST Mix. Catch the Baka Boys every Friday from 8am to 11am on Northern New Mexico's Party Station, JAM'N 947!

Between The Sheets

Sunday - Thursday 10pm - 2am

Between the Sheets is where the nighttime and the right time meet. Slow jams and quiet storms will get you in the mood to relax in love...nighttime in the desert just got hotter.

Slow Jams with R DUB

Monday - Thursday 10 - Midnight

R Dub! was just 16 and in high school when he created Sunday Night Slow Jams in the summer of 1994, and has since hosted and produced the show throughout the years.

Born in Chicago and growing up in L.A. and Orlando, Florida, R Dub! spent his time staying up late at night listening to various “Slow Jams” type radio shows around the country. He loved the music and the overall mood of Slow Jams, and at age 13 decided his dream was to host his own Slow Jam show.

The Elvis Duran Show

Monday through Friday 6am-10am

Elvis Duran considers himself the host of the party on his national radio show, which is the most-listened-to Top 40 morning show in the U.S

Timm Romero

Monday - Friday 2pm - 7pm

Timm Romero is the host that "Slams with the Jams" from Today and Back In The Day!