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Santa Fe is a place that people love to visit for a variety of reasons. One of the top reasons is the amazing diverse culture and its extensive history, from the indigenous Native American’s to its current population that includes people from all over the world. Santa Fe Sage Inn is a Santa Fe NM hotel that truly is a gateway for its hotel guests to see and learn about the great history of this amazing city. One of the best ways to find out the most there is to learn is to include visits to all the great museums, Native American pueblos and the historical churches located throughout Santa Fe. Sage Sage Inn offers a “City Different” walking tour or you can see all there is to see by taking wonderful walk right from your guest room.

New Mexico History Museum – One of the best places to visit to learn more about the rich history of Santa Fe and New Mexico is the New Mexico History Museum. It is a wonderful museum that showcases the history of New Mexico and the history of the USA. There are amazing exhibits, some of which are on location for fixed period of time and others that are permanent. A recent exhibit brought in covered the history of the Old Santa Fe Trail, the Mexico Period, the period of Spanish colonization and the early history of indigenous Native Americans.

The origins of the New Mexico History Museum come from its time when it was the Palace of the Governors collections storage facility. From its early days of storage facility to its evolution to a top-flight museum, it has been quite a transformation. Its development and eventual completion is part of the national trend of museums becoming a focal point for local communities for social change, civic engagement and a partner in education.

Santa Fe hotel Santa Fe Sage Inn is a proud to be part of the Santa Fe community. It highly recommends a visit to the New Mexico History Museum, a truly amazing walk back in time, when visiting Santa Fe, NM

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