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Last week our amazing video team put together a short piece to inspire the city we love to get through this collective experience we are going through. Luckily we’re in a position where we can broadcast such a message through our six radio stations,, our various social media platforms and more. It’s something we had to do. It’s something we had to share.

Please watch and continue reading to learn a little more.

The words you hear during the video are that of Hampton Sides, a Santa Fe resident and award-winning author of books you probably know, like Blood and Thunder, Ghost Soldiers and more. He both wrote and narrated:

The City Different

The city that dares to be different

The city at the end of the trail

A city of art and music

Of mountains and rails

The City of Sacred Faith

Of markets and great books

Of miracle staircases and magical cooks

Now our spaces have gone silent

Our plazas empty, our stages quiet

In this time of pause

Being apart brings us together

As we meet this head on

United by our differences

And a history that is long

Soon we will dare again to be different

We’ll shimmer at the end of trail

We’ll burn away our cares

The City different will prevail


From the video team

Scott Hussion: It was so nice to get outside and explore our amazing city during this time.

McCall Sides: We wanted to shoot everything in a cinematic way. We showcased a lot of locations that we knew would be familiar to locals, using some footage we shot with crowds this past year and matched the shots from the same locations completely empty.

This article was posted by Cheryl Fallstead

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