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You are remodeling your home and it is time to pick out what type of flooring matched your aesthetic best. Absolute Flooring offers several options for wood flooring. You can count on it being highly durable and easy to maintain. You can opt to replace existing tile or carpet with wood flooring or replace your current wood flooring that has been worn over time. A new floor makes the whole room look new. Learn more about the various wood flooring brands that Absolute Flooring has to offer and get answers to your top wood flooring questions here.

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McPartlon Roofing | Best Roofing Company In Santa Fe for 12 Years Running

McPartlon Roofing, LLC, is honored to have been voted #1 Best Roofing Company in the Santa Fe Reporter’s Best of Santa Fe for the 12th year in a row! We want to offer our sincerest thanks to our clients and the community of Santa Fe for your continued support. We also offer the team at the Santa Fe Reporter our most heartfelt gratitude for the inclusivity they bring to small businesses and the community of Santa Fe. Read more about how McPartlon won … Read More

Absolute Flooring: Learn More About Crossville Tile’s Eco-friendly Tile Choices
a workers installing tile

Established in 1986, Crossville boasts being the first manufacturer of tiles in Tennessee. Not only that, Crossville is the leading manufacturer of beautiful tile solutions and is an innovator in eco-friendly tile products. Absolute Flooring is proud to offer an eco-friendly tile option for homeowners that are environmentally cautious. Learn more about Crossville’s eco-friendly tile from the experts at Absolute Flooring here.

Add Long-Lasting Perennials to Your Garden
Calliandra eriophylla

When I planted my permanent garden decades ago, I chose only native and drought-tolerant perennials. I considered annuals to be expensive and time consuming to replace every year. Perennials, however, are planted once and expand to fill the garden, year after year. Also, once established, perennials can be divided to fill other areas of the garden, so they become a source of free plants. June has long been designated Perennial Gardening Month by the Perennial Plant Association (PPA). PPA recommends … Read More

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