Amma’s North American Tour -

Amma, World Renowned Humanitarian and Spiritual Leader, in Albuquerque

Join Amma, a world-renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader, just a short drive from Santa Fe, at the Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town from July 19–22, 2024! Experience Amma’s profound presence and embrace during her North American tour. Amma’s public programs are free and open to all, featuring inspirational live music, guided meditation sessions, healing arts, and vegetarian dishes prepared with care and love. Retreats however require both registration and a fee. Anyone wishing to attend the retreat must register here. 

Amma’s loving embrace is a transformative experience cherished by millions worldwide, offering profound peace and unconditional love. In addition to the embrace, immerse yourself in Amma’s spiritual discourses on compassion, love, and selfless service.

Arrive early to secure your place in line for Amma’s embrace by obtaining a numbered token upon arrival. Volunteers wearing heart-shaped “May I Help” badges will guide you through the process and assist with storing personal belongings.

For a more detailed guide on what to expect, visit Getting a Hug and Receiving an Embrace.

Explore more about Amma’s humanitarian efforts through her global network, Embracing the World, which supports educational initiatives, disaster relief, housing programs, hospitals, environmental conservation, and more.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to join a compassionate global community and experience the healing power of Amma’s hug, just down the road in Albuquerque! For more details and to plan your visit, please visit US.AMMA.ORG/tour.

This article was posted by Rory Macpherson

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