Congratulations to the Winners Candyman’s Second Annual Drum Battle

Editor | - November 4, 2011

Kick. Snare. Ki-kick. Snare. Candyman's Second Annual Drum Battle and the live stream of the event closed with a bang. It was a head-to-head battle of the drums beasts. I feel bad for the judges, who had the difficult task of judging so much monstrous talent. The final odd-time-signature showdown between Mikey Chavez and Andy Primm was an exercise in aural pyrotechnics and technical prowess. Santa Fe has an amazingly skilled drum community. Congratulations to all of talented participants, including the following winners:

Pro Category

Andrew Primm - First

Mikey Chavez - Second

David Waldrop - Third

Amateur Category

Jason Oehlschlager - First​

Oliver Greer - Second

Evan McAllister - Third

Youth Category

Juan Carlos Armijo - First Place (tie)

Oliver Ricklin - First Place (tie)

Seth Garcia - Second

Ben Trujillo - Third

​Crowd Favorite Contest Winners

Seth Garcia

Oliver Ricklin

Evan McAllister

Jason Oehlschlager

Geraldo Garcia

David Waldrop

View a photo gallery of the event on the Candyman Strings and Things Facebook page.