5 Tips on Shipping Family Heirlooms with Ease

- May 11, 2018

Family heirlooms aren’t just cherished for their monetary value and beauty; they are loved because people have a lot of history with that item. Whether it was passed down for generations or  recently given to you, the value it has for you makes it extremely unique.

For this reason, shipping family heirlooms from one address to another can be a bit challenging since any damages means you could possible lose the item. If you are considering how you can go about shipping family heirlooms, the following are a few tips that you can follow:

1.    Age of the Heirloom

The age of the family heirloom in question can influence the way you decide to ship it. When shipping family heirlooms, this is an important factor to pay attention to. Certain heirlooms might be too delicate and may have to be shipped in a different manner as compared to traditional shipping through the mail. The older the heirloom is, the more you have to consider how it can survive the journey without suffering any damages.

2.    Value of the Heirloom

Shipping family heirlooms can be risky, largely because family heirlooms can often times be invaluable and irreplaceable too. Consider the total value of the heirloom, not just for you but also in the market. This can give you a valid idea on what kind of precautions, you and the shipping company will have to take when shipping family heirlooms. A valuable item can attract more chances of someone trying to steal it which would require greater shipping precautions.

3.    Wrapping Precautions

Always wrap everything when shipping family heirlooms. In this aspect, you have to be extremely careful since it is very easy for items to suffer minor damage when shipping. For certain heirlooms, their value lies in being available in pristine condition. For this reason, you have to exercise extreme caution when wrapping your item. Get bubble wrap or cushioning wrap for small objects whereas bigger objects will benefit more with foam peanuts and other packing materials. Newspapers are a popular choice but they are not as effective as bubble wrap.

4.    Packaging Precautions

Other than wrapping, pay attention to the material of the packaging box you choose. Opt for safe, durable and water-resistant materials that can easily put up with the wear and tear that they can be expected to face when being shipped. When shipping family heirlooms, you can never be too careful.

5.    Picking a Good Shipping Company

Work with a good shipping company who understand the challenges you face in shipping family heirlooms. A good company can also offer various shipping modes and even packaging options based on the kind of requirements you have for shipping family heirlooms. Their expertise can also be extremely useful in helping you safely ship the chosen item to the given destination.

If you are looking for a good company that can ship family heirlooms with ease, get in touch with us and let us handle all your shipping needs.