A Pioneer’s Weekend

Braden Anderson - August 12, 2011

Mountain Man Rendezvous and Trade Fair, Aug. 11-13 & Survival New Mexico, Aug. 12-13

Journey back to the Old Frontier this weekend with two special local events showcasing the history and lifestyles of our country's early setttlers. The Santa Fe Mountain Man Trade Fair takes place Aug. 11-13 at the Palace of the Governors Courtyard and Survival: New Mexico is held Aug. 12-13 on the Rancho de Los Golondrinas grounds.

The Mountain Man Trade Fair
The Palace of the Governors Courtyard will be transformed into a scene from the 1830s this weekend as the 27th annual Santa Fe Mountain Man Trade Fair descends upon the city center.  A rendezvous-style event, the trade fair will include the usual suspects.  Beaver trapping, knife making, leatherworking and many other life skills necessary for survival and prosperity as a fur trader in the 19th century will be presented, as well as an array of fun and educational activities for the whole family.  Modern-day Mountain Men (and Women) will be meeting to share their stories, talents, and skills as well as exhibiting and selling their wares and techniques.

The fair will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.  The blue gate on Lincoln Avenue denotes the entrance to this living slice of history.  Don’t miss a chance to see antique rifles in action, moccasin making and primitive fire starting brought to you by men and women dressed in period clothing.  Additionally this year, special guest, Eunice Petramala, will give a lecture on the American Indian women’s perspective entitled “Through Her Eyes” in the New Mexico History Museum’s auditorium. So dust off that old raccoon hat you thought you’d never use and bring your furs, pelts and kids down to the Palace of the Governors this weekend for the 27th annual Mountain Man Trade Fair and Rendezvous.

Survival: New Mexico

It’s 1680, and the most successful Native American revolt in North America is underway. You are a Spanish settler, all alone and 30 leagues from Santa Fe. You have no food or water. Can you survive?

It’s 2011, and while hiking in the Santa Fe National forest, you become lost. You sprain your ankle. How do you make it back to your car?
Will you survive?

Rancho de los Golondrinas hosts this fun, educational, and possibly life-saving event, both days this weekend. See what it would have been like to make a home out of one of the least hospitable regions on the globe, using nothing more than the rudimentary technologies of the 19th Century. Early American West settlers battled freezing winters, scorching summers, limited food and water supplies, ferocious local predators and illness without the availability of the newest medicines.  In the end, they prevailed. 

Could you?

Events Details

August 11, 2011
Santa Fe Mountain Man Trade Fair
Today’s events
10:00 am to 4:30 pm

8-10 am: Early admission ($10/person)

10 am: History of Hawken and other Plains rifles and loading demonstration, by Bill Henaman

12 pm: Fleshing tools and types of clothing, by Don Lankford and Mark Wilke

August 12, 2011
Santa Fe Mountain Man Trade Fair
Today’s events
9:00 am to 4:30 pm

10 am: Knives and knife making, by Smitty

12 pm: Beaver trapping, by Jeff Hengesbaugh

2 pm: Moccasin making, by Mike Guli

6 pm: “Through Her Eyes:  An American Indian Woman’s Perspective,” lecture by Eunice Petramala in the NMHM auditorium

August 13, 2011
Santa Fe Mountain Man Trade Fair
Today’s events
9:00 am to 4:30 pm

10 am: Primitive fire starting, by Lynn Canterbury

11 am-1 pm: The Wildlife Center in Española shows snakes and raptors

2 pm: 19th-century iron-working techniques, by Gary Schluter

2:30 pm: Hands-on History: Trade goods and tools of the Mountain Man


Survival: New Mexico Event Details

On Going Hands On Activities and Demonstrations Include:

Learn Wilderness First Aid
The Santa Fe Red Cross and Cathy Chaffee RN
Medicine of the 18th Century
Robert E. Mallin

Build a Snare, Tracking Techniques
Loren Johnson, Tommie Johnson

Learn the Art of Brain Tanning & Leather Craft
Barbara Scott, Larry Marken, Edward Wallace, Tim Wilson

The Art of Fiber Arts: Before Wool there was Yucca
Eric Blinman, Mary Weahkee

Make Yucca Soap/Kids Make a Felt Snake
Patricia Tucker, Nicol, Tala,Tokeya Blais

See Weavers Create Warm Works of Art
Meet Award-Winning Master Weavers
Beatrice Maestas-Sandoval, Julia Gomez

Learn what to do in the event of a wildfire
Bill Armstrong

Watch and Learn The Art of Blacksmithing
Master Blacksmith Gary Williams

Learn About Traditional Healing Herbs
from Curanderas
Bernadette Fernandez, Susan Mark

See The Old Spanish ‘Truchas Mill”
Greek design dates to 2500 B.C.
Gordon Mark

Archery and Atlatl Range
Sponsored in part by Sportsman’s Warehouse

Learn to build an Atlatl and Atlatl Dart
Tommy Heflin

Learn to Build a Bow and Arrow
Charles P. Acuña, Loren Johnson, Curtis Rhodes

Build Adobe Bricks
Walter Tuzel

Make Fire: Various Techniques/Black Powder
Weaponry Demonstration
Larry Marken, Julie Jacobs, Rick Thompson

Meet Master Flintknappers
Charles P. Acuña, Dan Hart, Tommy Heflin,
Loren Johnson, Tommie Johnson, Curtis Rhodes

Learn Wilderness Shelter Techniques
John Carson -The great great grandson of Kit Carson

Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Southwest
“Native People of North America:

What They Grew and Gathered
Bill Dunmire

Taste Bread from the Horno
The Moorish Outdoor Oven
design dates to 1000 B.C.
Nancy Hart, Jolanta Tuzel


(Compiled from publicity materials)