Art Vending Machine Coming to Santa Fe

Braden Anderson | - January 18, 2013

Art*o*mat debut reception to be held February 16 from 1 to 5 p.m.

Santa Fe has long been known as an artistic community, so what's the next logical step in Santa Fe's artistic future? Art vending machines.

That's right, Santa Fe will be getting it's very own Art*O*mat art vending machine.

A healthier alternative to smoking, Art*o*mat® machines are art vending machines converted from recycled cigarette machines. There are more than 110 active Art*o*mat® machines throughout the country and El Centro De Santa Fe is proud to be first in New Mexico to host a machine. Put in $5, pull the knob and ker-plunk! you'll become a collector of one of more than 400 cigarette box-sized art works by contributing artist.

The Santa Fe Art*o*mat® machine is sparkly turquoise with a Zia design etched in the mirror and pinstripes reminiscent of "cowboy boot" stitch designs or lowrider paint-jobs, perfect for New Mexico. Come by to meet the artist/creator, Clark Whittington, for a debut reception on February 16 from 1 to 5 p.m.

Named "MAThilda" by its creators, the vending machine offers a way for local artists to get their art and names into the mainstream. The majority of art inside the machine will be from Santa Fe and New Mexico artists. Considering all the great artists already here in Santa Fe, slipping a five dollar bill into the machine may produce a small peice of great new art from an unkown artist, or could very well spit out a small peice from some of Santa Fe's (and the world's) more well known artists.

Local artists who are interested in creating art for Art*o*mat® are encouraged to come by and hear all about submission guidelines for the cigarette-box-sized art from Clark during the reception.

For more information on Art*o*mat® machines check out the website.

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