Axle Contemporary’s New Installation Coming in June

Editor | - May 29, 2013

Santa Fean August Muth is an internationally exhibiting artist and pioneer in the exploration of light

June 14-23
Opening at CURRENTS 2013 in the Railyard, 7 pm, June 14
August Muth's
Come one come all. You can take part in the Carnival of Shattered Dreams!
Smash, crack, burst  splinter, and crush all those rational ideas for change!
Try your luck at shattering the holographic handgun!
Let the big money in politics fall to pieces!
Watch as the illusion of national security come crashing down!
See if you and lady luck can clock that Glock and win one of our special prizes!
Starring the young  Berocked Obambama as the Ring Master.
August Muth creates an interactive performance installation in Axle Contemporary's mobile gallery in the Railyard.  As darkness falls on June 14, Muth will invite members of the assembled audience to engage his hologram-smashing machine in a carnival-styled atmosphere.   A series of glass holographic plates will be broken inside the gallery space by audience members swinging a steel ball through a small opening in the rear of the gallery.   As the glass shards accumulate withinn the enclosed space of the gallery, they will create an evolving multi-dimensional sensory experience.  The performance/installation will also be at the FantaSe festival in DeVargas Park on the evening of June 15 and in other locations through June 23.   See for daily location info.
Muth was born in 1955 in Albuquerque. In 1974, he attended the University of New Mexico studying art and physics. From 1975 to 1978 he attended the University of Houston and the University of Texas, continuing his studies in art and physics. He moved to New York City in 1978 and in 1980 began his work with holography at The Museum Of Holography in Soho. In 1985, he went to the Telluride, Colorado area to build his first holographic studio. After seven years in Colorado, the studio was expanded and moved to Santa Fe where Murth currently lives and works.
In the vast majority of his works, Muth utilizes a form of holography that is composed of many unique elements. By working in this manner, he is able to manipulate an unadorned light phenomenon while combining it with the spherical nature of light itself.  This technique yields a wide parallax of viewing perspective within the work, encouraging an interactive viewing environment and allowing the participant to embrace the reflected light. Within this light-space ,the raw content and texture of light can be contemplated.
Muth is an internationally exhibiting artist and pioneer in the exploration of light. For more than 25 years he has worked to expand the boundaries of holography with the intent of extending our comprehension of the mysteries of light.

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