Bachelor of Science Biology Programs New Mexico

- August 25, 2017

Northern New Mexico College offers its Biology programs with three optional concentrations.

The Ecology and Evolution concentration is a good choice for students interested in how organisms survive, reproduce and adapt to changing environments. The ecology of organisms results in evolution, another aspect of this concentration for students interested in the evolutionary process or evolutionary origins. Students have the opportunity for in-depth study of the behavioral, morphological and physiological adaptations of a variety of animals, plants and microorganisms.

The Cellular and Molecular Biology concentration unites several disciplines such as genomics, genetics, biochemistry and biophysics. The curriculum provides a strong background for advanced studies in medicine, microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, criminal justice, veterinary medicine, dentistry, and all fields that involve molecular tools in research. This track is designed for students interested in the study of cells, the biology of cancer, gene expression, and neurological studies. We incorporate research experience into the curriculum.

The Pre-Health concentration is a good choice for students interested in health-related fields and professional programs such as physical therapy, nursing, physician assistant, veterinary medicine, dentistry and medical school. This program fulfills the general education core courses for 4-year degrees required by the State of New Mexico and NNMC common core curriculum.

Our Associate of Science in Biology program is designed to provide the basic general education requirement in the life sciences. This program is aligned for transfer to a bachelor’s of science such as Biology, Chemistry or Environmental Sciences.

The Northern New Mexico College Bachelor of Science and Associate of Science biology programs offers the knowledge, skill sets and necessary educational degree requirements for a large number of careers and the academic credentials needed to apply for acceptance into advanced PhD and doctor programs.