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SITE Santa Fe looking for Members

SITE Members get an insider look at SITE’s inner workings and insights into SITE artists through our monthly Members' eNews.
Join today and get the backstory on our artists, staff, and other Members. Let’s get some numbers on prepping SITE for the biennial:
·        220 Gallons of paint
·        16,000 Square feet of plastic
·        2 Tons of concrete
·        200 Feet of rebar
·        2 Truckloads of wild-harvested cactus
·        10 pounds of coffee consumed in house to date
·        16 Countries represented in the biennial
·        1,403 Miles that Paulo Nazareth, biennial artist, is walking/hitchhiking from Panama City to Santa Fe 
·        3,500 Photographs taken in Santa Fe by Jonathas de Andrade in February, 2016
·        9 Millimeters square – the size of the biennial’s smallest artwork by Cildo Miereles 

Now is the perfect time to become a SITE Member. 
Membership is 10% off to new Members during the month of June! Use Coupon code MEM2016 at checkout on our website. Join with a friend and plan a summer of new art and new experiences together.