Calling All Paper Artists for 2015 PULP Exhibition

Staff | - July 23, 2014

‘sunken sediment’, 2010 (detail); hand-cut paper & foam core, light; 31” x 42” x 38” Photo: Jen Stark

Paper art can be traced back to Japan, where it originated over a thousand years ago.  Paper is commonly considered a 2-D surface intended for the application of paint and ink and often relegated to the background as a “supporting player” in the production of art.  However, origami, silhouetting, paper mache, book carving, collage, decoupage, casting, embossing and papel picado are all thriving paper media art categories that celebrate the myriad applications of paper as an art form. Paper is simultaneously organic and manufactured, literal and metaphorical.  Paper arts represent the transformation of available and affordable natural resources into elegant and vibrant works of art.  Paper art traditions cross cultural boundaries and serve as a common language for the human experience.

The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission Community Gallery is seeking artists whose practice focuses on the use and manipulation of paper as a sculptural artistic media. “PULP” will be an exhibit at the Gallery paper for both its flexibility and fragility. The exhibit will feature approximately 30 artists who utilize paper as a sculptural art form. Artists and designers in all sculptural paper media are encouraged to submit portfolios for consideration that address the flexibility and myriad applications of paper in the visual arts. Interested artists should submit a portfolio of their work to Rod Lambert, Community Gallery Manager.  Portfolios should consist of 5-10 printed images of the artist’s work on standard digital print paper and an artist statement, resume and/or bio.  Please be sure to include a cover letter stating your interest in being considered for “PULP” as well as complete contact information. Portfolios should be addressed to Community Gallery, PO Box 909, Santa Fe, NM 87504.  Portfolios must be received by, June 27, 2014 for consideration.

From a City of Santa Fe Arts Commission press release.