Canine Compassion: Magic Bullet Fund Helps Dogs with Cancer | - October 25, 2011

There are about 65 million pet dogs in the U.S. today, and about half of them will have some form of cancer during their lives. Every day, 8,000 dogs are diagnosed with cancer. Jax is one of them – the beloved dog of Lauren and Matthew in Santa Fe. Jax has cancer: lymphoma. Without chemotherapy, lymphoma typically ends a dog’s life within one to two months. With chemotherapy, they have a very good chance of surviving 12 to 18 months or longer, with great quality of life.

The cost of treatment is out of reach for Lauren and Matthew, but they were not willing to give up. They discovered the Magic Bullet Fund (MBF), applied for financial assistance, and the fund agreed to help. Jax WILL have treatment because the MBF stepped in to provide financial assistance to Lauren and Matthew.

Thanks to the assistance of MBF, Jax will have a chance to survive cancer. A diagnosis of canine cancer is not necessarily a death sentence. Veterinary oncology has made tremendous advances in the past decade and there are treatment options available to those who want to fight their pet’s cancer.

MBF helps when a dog would not be able to receive treatment without financial assistance. MBF was founded by medical animal writer Laurie Kaplan, in honor of her own cancer survivor, “Bullet,” in conjunction with the release of her book, Help Your Dog Fight Cancer. This book has given tens of thousands of dog owners the knowledge, confidence and optimism needed to see their beloved canines through cancer treatment.

Cancer is as unpredictable in pets as it is in humans. We shouldn’t expect miracles for the dogs in the fund, but we should celebrate the ones that we get. The real miracles are that the owners get to have an extended goodbye, time for special moments that will bring lasting memories and the very important ability to say, “I fought for my dog’s life!” MBF operates through donations from individuals and corporations.

To date, the Magic Bullet Fund has assisted more than 150 dogs through cancer treatment.  Please consider donating to help Jax get treatment and a chance to survive cancer at