Cat Tracks, February 26th 2018 - February 26, 2018

Rubber Soul All Jazzed Up

Cat Tracks February 26, 2018

My favorite new addition for this week is from the Hazelrigg Brothers, a piano trio doing Spirits in the Material World from The Police.

Meanwhile, for our special shows, check out Viva Jazz, 2 hours of Latin Jazz every Wednesday from 7 to 9 with Nacha Mendez.

For all you lounge lizards, you’re in luck! What’s better than 2 hours of the Kitty Cat Lounge? Three hours of the Kitty Cat Lounge!! That’s right- 3 hours now from 7p-10p every Thursday night.

And we continue we our second week of featured Beatles albums on The Beatles- All Jazzed Up with Rubber Soul. Here are some show notes for Tuesday night 7p-8p.

Rubber Soul was released in December 1965. We have 10 of the 13 songs on this album.  The American version had 4 of the British versions dropped and replaced with two tracks from Help!, the album before this. We are playing the British version in order.  Timeless tunes like Norwegian Wood, Michelle, and In My Life. Norwegian Wood was the first time a sitar had been used on a pop record. It was based on an affair John had with a female journalist. John regarded In My Life as “his first major piece of work.” On Michelle, Paul had a friend help with the translation of “these are words that go together well.” In French- and the first time I now truly know what he was singing- the words are “sont let mots qui vont tres bien ensemble.”

Some highlights are Bobby McFerrin starting the hour off with Drive My Car, Michael Occhipinti’s version of Girl, and a couple of tunes by Lisa Lauren doing The Word and I’m Looking Through You.

All information and quotes from The Beatles-A Hard Day’s Write by Steve Turner