CCA Screens all five Oscar Nominated Documentaries

Editor | - January 17, 2013

All five documentary Oscar nominees have or will show at CCA, including "Searching for Sugar Man", which continues its phenomenal run, and the unforgettable "How to Survive a Plague"-the story of how AIDS activists changed the world for the better. The film plays daily. "Chasing Ice", a nominee for best original song, follows the photographer James Balog on his treks through the melting ice caps.
Plus, CCA will show the dream-like "Tchoupitoulas"-from the producers of "Beasts of the Southern Wild" (another CCA with four nominations)-as it takes viewers on a one-night journey through New Orleans.

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Here is an overview of the films:

"How to Survive a Plauge" - Starts Friday!

With no scientific training, an improbable group of young men and women infiltrate government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry, helping identify promising new compounds, moving them through trials and into drugstores in record time. This inspiring celebration of citizen activism honors the heroes who helped end the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic. (U.S., 2012, 109m)

"Tchoupitoulas" - Starts Friday! 

Without narration, this lovely, sweet documentary follows the adventures of three young brothers, William, Bryan, and Kentrell, as they journey down a New Orleans street on a busy evening,  having an all-night adventure and encountering a scene that you'd only find in the Big Easy. (U.S., 2012, 80m, digital video, Oscilloscope Labs)

"La Rafle" - Final show January 17th!

In 1942, 13,000 Jews were arrested in Paris and held without food, water, sanitary conditions or explanation for several days before being shipped to Auschwitz. This drama, starring the great Jean Reno and Melanie Laurent, follows as young Joseph and his family fight to survive during very dark days. (France/Germany, 2012, 115m, digital video, Menemsha Films)

"Chasing Ice" - Now playing!

Once a global warming skeptic, famed National Geographic photographer James Balog worked for four years, placing several cameras at strategic places in northern climes, to capture images that verified the huge loss of ice that is taking place on our fragile planet. Winner at SXSW, Big Sky, Full Frame, Sundance and HotDocs festivals. (U.S., 2012, 79m, digital video, Submarine Deluxe)

"Searching for Sugarman"- Now playing

Compared by music execs to Bob Dylan, worshiped by insiders, the artist known as Rodriguez released two studio albums to deafening silence. But in a very unlikely place, he was as big as the Beatles. A group of musicologists go in search of his legacy-did he really self-immolate on stage?-only to find a deeper, even more surprising story. Director Malik Bendjelloul weaves together hope, inspiration and the power of music. (Sweden-U.K., 2012, 85m, 35mm, Sony Pictures Classics)

Information compiled from CCA press materials