Cowgirl BBQ

- June 14, 2017

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Barbeque Restaurants, Santa Fe: Cowgirl BBQ

Everyone loves BBQ, but the weather and conditions aren’t always right for it. Sometimes you really want to bring the grill out, but the sun isn’t out. Or maybe you just want some BBQ without having to spend hours making it. When such a dilemma rises, you don’t have to worry about a thing because Cowgirl BBQ in Santa Fe has your back! Head on down towards the 319 S. Guadalupe St. and you’ll find the restaurant that’s going to take you on a ride through the Wild West. Don’t worry, you won’t regret it.

What’re you in for?

Ah, so you’re worried there would be nothing of interest for you since you’re a vegetarian? Well, you can say goodbye to your worries because Cowgirl BBQ is going to take good care of your appetite! The well known chef, Patrick Lambert, is known to mix his styles. He will give you the delicious tasting foods from not only BBQ, but also European and Asian fusion foods. You’ll even get a menu to cater to your vegetarian appetite.

That’s right, you’ll have a huge menu to choose from just in case you’re suddenly not really in the mood for a BBQ. You can drop by for lunch or dinner and Cowgirl BBQ will be sure to serve you some of the best meals you’ve ever tasted!

What’s the specialty?

Oh, of course, if you’re a fan of desserts then one of the most recommended dishes for you would be the strawberry shortcake. 

But hey, you’re not just going in for the dessert are you? From New Mexican roots to American comfort foods, Cowgirl BBQ really plays with your appetite and specializes in providing you with food that is made right there on site! Also, while you’re there, try out their ‘barbeque burger on a bun’, it’s the Thursday special lunch.

What’s the restaurant like?

Well it’s fun, it’s got excellent service, you can’t even complain about the food, oh and it’s got excellent indoor and outdoor seating that you’re absolutely going to love! Cowgirl BBQ really gets down to giving you a feel of Santa Fe with a surrounding of great people and excellent music almost daily; it’s hard not to love this place!

Let’s talk about the style, shall we? Cowgirl BBQ in Santa Fe allows you to enjoy your meals by creating an environment to amplify its vision of the “Wild West”.  They have a great patio with excellent seating arrangements that’ll just add to your experience! If the weather isn’t good enough for you, you can just choose the indoor seating.

Cowgirl BBQ even cater to events so you can just simply call them up and have them on site and off site for event plans. Their service is going to make you fall in love, so if you’re ever in Santa Fe or if you’re a resident, don’t forget to drop by and have some delicious BBQ.