Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites

- June 15, 2017

The Delicious Derailed Bar

Bars in Santa Fe: Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites

The heart of Santa Fe holds one of the most prestigious restaurants that it has to offer: Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites. This has become a favorite spot for most locals, as well as tourists, and its popularity is only increasing with time. It’s justified since Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites doesn’t just keep the focus on providing good food, but also on maintaining its style and ambiance for all the customers that come in. Regardless of its popularity, the restaurant still manages to uphold its promise to excellent service towards each customer that comes in.

Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites

While many restaurants focus on keeping up a healthy influx of their customers, Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites maintains its ambiance by preventing the place from being overcrowded. With their excellent crowd control, they’re able to focus on their customers and provide excellent service to each one. Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites is designed to provide luxury and comfort for individuals as well as groups of people. With a combination of industrial metal and wood, it gives a modern style to the restaurant where people come out to relax on sofas or tables according to their comfort.

Derailed gives a sense of being at home with its decoration of sofas, fireplace and a large screen TV playing sports. But if indoors isn’t something the customers are looking for, the outdoor patio is the way to go! 


Santa Fe is known for its vast variety of cuisines and restaurants but amongst all, Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites is the most well known amongst both tourists and locals alike. Apart from its stylish infrastructure, the bar is best known for its excellence in attaining culinary perfection by providing the customers a wide variety of American comfort food. All the way from soups and salads to sandwiches and even paying close attention to kids menu, Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites ensures that each bite bursts a wide range of flavors that transports you to a whole other world.


There’s more to Derailed at the Sage Inn & Suites than just amazing food that’s cooked to perfection; it’s actually also home to a wide range of different drinks beginning from specialty cocktails to signature margaritas and beer as well. There’s just too much to choose from and with the local mixologist handling the cocktails, there’s really no need for any complaints. Customers make sure to try out the New Mexico Mule or the Sage Inn Signature while they’re there. It’s definitely on the “most recommended” list.

While Derailed first began as only catering to the guests of the Sage inn, it slowly opened its doors to the outside public as well. Not soon after did its popularity grow and people grew more and more interested. Their daily happy hours only serves to benefit them further and allows the customers to make use of their excellent, affordable meals and drinks.