Different Positions of the Issues: Gregg Bemis - October 9, 2012

"Please study the issues and qualifications of the candidates yourself"

Some people say this year's presidential election could be the most important of our lifetime. Others, who we submit are illinformed, say they are not going to vote because the parties are similar and it doesn’t make a difference who wins. We can’t imagine why people who have the opportunity to vote can let that privilege pass, when so many have made the ultimate sacrifice for its preservation.

The last day to register to vote is October 9. Election day is November 6. Please study the issues and qualifications of the candidates yourself. Don’t rely on some radio or tv personality or some blog on the Internet for accurate information. Ignore ads, especially on tv. There is so much misinformation being spread about all the candidates, that we wanted to present for our readers two impassioned editorials from two esteemed sources, Sen. Peter Wirth on the onehand and Gregg Bemis on the other. Read on!

My Vote for Governor Romney

This election is not about how “good” Romney is, or how “bad” Obama is, or visa versa. It is not about Chick-Fil-A, Roe vs. Wade, the 2nd Amendment, or any of the other divisive single issues that the media and protagonists like to scream about. This election is quite simply about the basic philosophy that will guide this country into the future, and in turn what that future will be for our offspring. In the past 70 years, there has never been an election so defining of that future. In short the essential choice is between the maintenance and enhancement of individual freedoms versus absolute Statism.

The two great 20th-century economists, Austrian Frederick Hayek and American Milton Friedman, made it infinitely clear in their research and many publications that the heart and soul of human productivity and happiness springs from the personal rights and freedoms which the individual can exercise. In matters of finance, education, religion, health and in virtually all those areas closest to the daily lives of people, the freedom of choice and application of personal responsibility is the keystone to the fulfillment, well being, and happiness of the individual. Lord Keynes, with his heavy handed, government dominated economic theory has had his day and has been shown to be totally passé even though pushed by present day socialists.

Mitt Romney has lived, studied and practiced the philosophies of freedom. He well understands the importance to human beings that they be the “masters of their own fate and the captains of their own souls.” Our constitution was designed to prevent the executive, the legislative or the judicial from getting too big for its britches. The constitution is currently under assault by the incumbent president, who much prefers the emperor’s approach to government. He shockingly threatens the judicial, and when the legislature fails to do his bidding he usurps their constitutional responsibility and issues executive orders to effectuate his personal views. 

In my lifetime, I have seen firsthand the rise of a “National Socialist” party under the leadership of a charismatic orator. What at first seemed like a populist movement aimed at rescuing Germany from significant economic distress (worse but not unlike the last doue years here in the U.S), at some point it lost its bearings and became, quite simply, the worst form of dictatorship. The rest is history. Bad history.

These past four years here in America have seen similar manifestations as Washington has eve- increasingly tried to assume the role of caretaker and decision-maker for the states and for all of our citizens. In fact, as we well know, one size does not fit all. There is not yet any man or woman or computer able to make the optimum choices for all of us at any level or on any subject. Different people have different aspirations, abilities, strength and weaknesses under which to operate. When left to their own devices, the choices people make are inevitably both excellent learning experiences and, over the long haul, lead to better lives.

America needs a president who respects the wisdom of our forefathers embodied in our constitution. America needs a president who will strive to provide the most fertile environment from which each of us can seek out and make the best decisions for the challenges we face, as well as take advantage of the opportunities that a free and open society provides. That is the training, the culture, the life experience of Romney, and he is the best candidate to return us to the freedoms and potential on which we can still capitalize in this incredible country in which we live.

I have heard many people say that there isn’t really any difference between the Republican and Democrat parties. That is utter nonsense. There cannot be anything more significant than the concept of individual responsibility versus the heavy handed intrusion of big government in the decision making process. If you want to return to all the freedoms and inspiration that built America, vote for Romney. If you want a mathematically unsustainable nanny state (potential dictatorship), vote for Obama. That’s what this election is about.

Read Sen. Peter Wirth's viewpoint here.

Gregg Bemis graduated from Stanford University with an Economics major in 1950 and spent two years on active duty in the Marine Corps including a one year stint in Korea. Upon his return he graduated from the Harvard Business School following which he served, during the next 25 years, in the top management of three Fortune 500 companies. After leaving the Corporate world, he was actively engaged in Venture Capital operations, including ocean related companies and his Lusitania project. During his years in Corporate and Venture work, he has been a principle in the founding and management of more than 40 companies. In Santa Fe, he has been active on the Boards of several not-for-profits and for 5 years wrote a bi-weekly column for the New Mexican.