Walk [Santa Fe] Promotes Foot Traffic, Addresses City’s Walkability

Staff | SantaFe.com - October 16, 2013

Newly-introduced paths, temporary signage and ambassadors will aid the navigability of downtown Santa Fe

Creative Santa Fe brings the month-long Walk [Santa Fe] initiative in order to generate answers to address walkability in the City Different. Goals for the project are set at bringing more residents, visitors and business owners into a dialogue on the needs that must be addressed in order to increase the walkability of downtown.

From October 31 and through the month of November, the newly-introduced paths, temporary signage and Walk [Santa Fe] ambassadors will be available to aid the navigability of downtown. For those with smartphones, QR codes linked to Google Maps will be embedded in each sign with specific locations.

The initiative is in collaboration with the national movement Walk [Your City], which centers around urban wayfinding as a means to positively address issues of social health, civic innovation and economic growth. Walk [Santa Fe] rightfully boasts over 80 community partners--the largest participation of any Walk [Your City] event to date.

The website reveals telling statistics. In 1960, one in four citizens embarked on a meaningful ten minute stroll across their city. The number has dwindled to one in ten today. Walk [Santa Fe] is not a stopgap measure to address the city's issues. It requires an engaged citizenry to steer the course of our growing community.