Eloisa, Santa Fe

Exquisite Eloisa

Fine Dining Restaurant: Eloisa, Santa Fe

Inspired by his Grandmother, Chef John Rivera Sadler brought Eloisa, Santa Fe into existence and named it after her. Situated in the Drury Plaza Hotel, Eloisa, Santa Fe has upheld its reputation of being amongst the best fine dining restaurants and soon made its way to winning numerous awards based on exquisite cuisines and services. Since New Mexico is recognized for its age old recipes that are known globally, Eloisa, Santa Fe took the opportunity and created the finest cuisines to give the visitors a taste of its true historical flavors.

What’s so special about Eloisa, Santa Fe?

Unlike other fine dining restaurants, Eloisa, Santa Fe makes sure the customers taste delicious meals in the most affordable prices. Now that’s difficult to find in fine dining! However, the prices are not the only thing that makes this restaurant worth a shot, it’s styled to create an environment that’s both luxurious as well as relaxing. Its outdoor patio looks out towards the city of Santa Fe and holds a picturesque view, especially during sunset. The atmosphere builds an exuberance that further adds to the experience of fine dining at Eloisa, Santa Fe.

What about the food and drinks?

Eloisa, Santa Fe follows a contemporary Southwestern menu and makes sure that every dish is cooked with precision so there is no alteration in the taste regardless of how busy the day may be. It offers lunch and dinner menus with special Sunday brunch as well, so that the customers can have good “family” time. Amongst the many dishes ranging from seafood to Mexican dishes, the most favorite is the Tomatillo and Jicama Tacos. The soup consists of Baja cheese with avocado and black beans topped with shredded corn chips. While other dishes are known to be an example of culinary perfection, these two stand out with outstanding reviews.

Apart from these, the desserts hold just as much importance, providing a savory flavor erupting with every bite. Eloisa, Santa Fe provides the customers with an inventory of drinks that is made to perfectly complement the taste of the dishes.

What else do they offer?

If you have an event coming up then you can always contact Eloisa, Santa Fe to offer you their catering services. The best thing about this restaurant is that they offer on site as well as offsite services, making sure they provide excellent and fresh foods that portray elegance. Even apart from their catering services, they make sure the customers get the best offers through their happy hour which places discounts and reductions on both foods and drinks.

Eloisa, Santa Fe is known for their excellence in cooking as well as serving their customers with dishes that not only taste good, but are also are plated exquisitely. They maintain their ambiance through crowd control so make sure that reservations are made prior to arrival.