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Editor | - April 14, 2013

"Our 2013 film series presents the beauty, challenges and inspiration woven into folk art"

The International Folk Art Market-Santa Fe and CCA presents


Folk art, with its deep expressions of cultures, values, and traditions, reflects experiences of communities and artists in an increasingly connected world. Our 2013 film series presents the beauty, challenges and inspiration woven into folk art. Join us in a celebration of cinema that reflects traditional cultures from around the world. The series is produced by the International Folk Art Market - Santa Fe, with films curated by Emmy-winning writer-producer Kirk Ellis ("John Adams)" and Cinematheque Director Jason Silverman.


Opening Night Party
Devi (The Goddess)
6:00p Wednesday, April 17
Tickets: $20

"Ray's feeling for the intoxicating beauty within the disintegrating way of life of the 19th-century landowning class makes this one of the rare, honest films about decadence." -Pauline Kael

Celebrate Indian culture with appetizers and chai from India Palace, a traditional Indian dance performance, an inspirational video message from Reema Nanavaty of India's Self Employed Women's Association,and a rare screening of Satyajit Ray's masterpiece. "Devi" follows the story of Kalikinkar, an aging patriarch who dreams that his daughter-in-law Doyamoyee is an incarnation of the goddess Kali. After Kalikinkar insists the villagers worship her, Doyamoyee miraculously heals a sick child. Believers line up, and Doyamoyee begins to believe in her own powers. Despite its anti-establishment message, the gorgeous, haunting "Devi" won the prestigious President's Gold Medal in 1961. (India, 1960, 97m, digital video courtesy of Janus Films)

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The Story of Qui Ju
7:00p Wednesday May 15
Tickets: $12

"Mr. Zhang's keen and universal view of human nature raises his work far above its own visual beauty and into the realm of timeless storytelling." -New York Times

Zhang Yimou, China's greatest living filmmaker, tells the story of a young village woman (the radiant Gong Li) living in traditional ways. After a local official insults her husband, she travels to the big city in search of justice, navigating the baffling modern world. Zhang has created one of the most striking films about the challenges of contemporary China, featuring a keen sense of its rhythms and landscapes and providing a miraculous balance of the absurd and the poignant. (China, 1992, 100m, 35mm print courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics)

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Central Station
7:00p Wednesday June 12 
Tickets: $12
Followed by a Skype interview with director Walter Salles!

"A richly tender and moving experience ... Salles, like De Sica and Renoir, displays a pure and unpatronizing feel for the poetry of broken lives. His movie is really about that most everyday of miracles: the rebirth of hope." -Entertainment Weekly

In Rio, the callous Dora (the legendary Fernanda Montenegro, nominated for an Oscar) writes letters for a parade of the poor and the illiterate. After hearing the story of a recently orphaned nine-year-old boy, she decides to take him on a search through the countryside for his father. In this Golden Globe-winning road movie, Walter Salles ("Motorcycle Diaries," "On the Road" ) shows us the peoples and cultures of Brazil-both traditional and modern-as you've never seen them, and celebrates our potential for rebirth. (Brazil, 1998, 113m, 35mm print courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics)

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Tickets can be purchased in advance at the CCA Box Office by calling 982-1338, or online at These programs will likely sell out in advance.

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