Geronimo: Warm, Professional, and Accommodating

Geronimo: A Luxury Restaurant in Santa Fe, NM

Geronimo is an upscale luxury restaurant in Santa Fe, NM. When you step in, the restaurant’s elegant interior refreshingly takes you aback and shows you how a luxury restaurant should be. One can sit on the patio, drink fine wine or a cocktail, and just have a great time with their friends, talking about the good old days.

 Why Geronimo?

As if being counted as one of the top 100 restaurants in America was not enough, the ambiance in Geronimo breathes upscale. From the white curtains to the cozy fire place in the corner and decorative memorabilia, you are sure to be taken to a place of comfort, luxury and fine dining.

The service at Geronimo is warm, professional and accommodating. They take special care of their guests when it comes to serving and taking orders. They pay great attention to detail to make your experience a luxurious one. If you try it once, you’ll never want to go back. Simply put, you can’t leave Santa Fe, NM without having a luxury restaurant experience at Geronimo.

The outdoor seating arrangement can play a huge role if you pick a fine day to dine out. If you sit on the patio by the heat lamp on a particularly cool evening, you can gaze out onto the horizon, to see a beautiful sunset and stars just starting to emerge in the NM dusk sky. How Romantic.

The Menu

Geronimo’s ambiance and experience aside, the food is something to crave. It’s new American cuisine and if you don’t mind spending a reasonably pretty penny, it’s worth every bit of the price. No wonder it’s the winner of open table’s Diner’s choice for 2016.

Some of the best entrées at this luxury restaurant are Wasabi Caesar salad which has a dressing which peaks through the soft crouton to give it a flavorful Asian vibe. If you’re not fond of Gluten or have an allergy to it, the staff takes special care to skip on it entirely without compromising on flavor.

The pear and endive salad is wonderful. Other notable entrées include sweet and spicy prawns, roast chicken and the medium rare elk tenderloin. The Ice cream and sorbet trio is a nice way to finish your meal.

For Special Private Events

Geronimo is a fine place to dine for special events and for medium to large private parties. The specific options that allow for booking can accommodate from 24 all the way up to 130 guests, which is the full capacity of the restaurant.

The menus for the parties can be set or customized. The customized ones have a lot more variety from which the patrons may choose. Four to six course tasting menus as well as vegan or vegetarian menus are also available so no one is excluded.

When it comes to choosing a luxury restaurant in Santa Fe, NM, Geronimo would give you the experience of a lifetime. Great healthy food, presented with delicate finesse, a choice of fine wine or a cocktail that compliments the food perfectly, can all be experienced at Geronimo.