Holiday Gifts for Those Who Have Everything - December 10, 2018

What gift do you give to the person who has everything? It's one of the holiday's biggest conundrums—right up there with trying to explain to kids how Santa can deliver presents around the globe in a single night. We all have at least one person who's impossible to shop for on our list, and know what it's like to spend hours trying find the perfect present.

In Santa Fe, however, it's easy to find a gift for someone who seems to have it all. The city is brimming with locally-owned businesses offering unique and unusual items, from cool creations made by hip artists to artisanal food, spa retreats, Zuni fetishes and more. And if you can't find a gift that your recipient needs, you'll definitely find a treasure they will want. Below is a gift guide to get you started. Be sure to check our Shopping section for more great gift ideas

The exxperience tube is a great gift from Meow WolfMeow Wolf Gift Experience

Meow Wolf, Santa Fe's world-renowned art installation where guests explore a mysterious multiverse of wonders, offers a fantastical gift shop full of marvels. The fun-loving person on your list will embrace the Experience Tube—a stretchy tunnel of striped fabric that connects two people for real-world engagement. Slipped over the head, the tube provides laughter and fun as users stare at each other, make faces and more, giving a whole new meaning to “social media.” It's available in “six perception-enhancing colorways,” including Goth Orchid, Massive Mulberry and Double Daffodil. For the writer, check out the Origin Story Mood-Color Changing Pencils, in pink, blue, green or yellow. Each pencil bears a quote from the feature-length documentary, “Meow Wolf: Origin Story,” which chronicles the decade-long journey of this arts collective. Choose from such sayings as “Tangential screaming in a warehouse for eternity,” “Navigating through dimensions or something” and others. Meow Wolf also offers annual passes, for individuals and families, the ideal gift for people who keep coming back to the “House of Eternal Return.”

A Special Treat at Sunrise Springs

The holiday season often brings stress and you can give a gift to help ease that. Treat the person on your list who really needs to relax to a sublime visit to Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, a virtual oasis in the high desert. Here, a soak in a private outdoor pool beneath majestic cottonwoods will soothe body, mind and spirit, whether by day, under turquoise skies above, or by evening, beneath endlessly starry skies. Follow the soak with a Sunrise Custom Massage, designed to melt stress away, and your gift recipient will leave feeling refreshed, restored and ready to take on the New Year.

Locally Grown and Made

Who doesn't love locally grown, artisanal food?  Whether you're buying a gift for a serious foodie or someone who can barely cook, anything from the Santa Fe Farmers' Market will be a big hit.
This year-round farmer's market ranks as one of the best in the country, and that's because of the bounty of fresh, regional foods grown by farmers and ranchers. Shop row upon row of gourmet mustards and jams, baked goods, garlic braids, tea, chutney, salsa, chile ristras, beeswax candles, decorative dried flowers, original crafts, body care products and so much more. At the Santa Fe Farmers' Market store, you'll find cookbooks by local authors, kitchenware, aprons, hand-made scarfs, hats and other unique gift items. The market is open on Saturdays, from 8 am to 1 pm.

For the Travel Bug

The globetrotter on your list will be pleased with any item you purchase at Le Bon Voyage, which offers a world of luggage, bags and more. This family-owned shop has been in business for more than 30 years, so you can trust the staff knows quality luggage and travel equipment. Browse  more than 400 items in stock, including suitcases, duffle bags, totes and backpacks as well as computer bags, garment bags, travel accessories, even adaptor plugs and convertors. Items come in a rainbow of colors and an array of sizes and materials, including leather  canvas and hardcase.

Authenticity Guaranteed

When you're about to give up on ever finding the right gift for that someone who lacks nothing, don't! Head to Keshi: The Zuni Connection, instead. The store takes its name from the Zuni people's traditional greeting, and offers one of the world's largest collections of Zuni fetishes, small, intricate carvings traditionally made for ceremonial purposes. Choose an animal that speaks to the personality or interests of your gift recipient—maybe a marble bear, a turquoise coyote, or a white marble horse. You'll find pottery, jewelry, kachinas and other items here, too. Keshi opened in 1981 as a co-op for Zuni arts and crafts and purchases directly from the artists, ensuring that prices are reasonable and authenticity is guaranteed.