How to Pack Fragile China Like Professionals

- May 18, 2018

The stronger the objects, the lesser care you have to show while moving them. That means a lot of time and effort are to be invested in packing your fragile precious china plates and bowls. There are five steps through which you can reduce this effort and pack it like a professional.

1-Sort your supplies

Forget what the cost efficient say. These are really cheap available items and help you do a tidy, satisfying job. What you need is the following;

Packing peanuts or cushion foam
Bubble wrap (in sheets)
Soft padding paper or newspapers (which come free)
Packing tape
Paper cutter or a sharpie
A compact carton box
Square cardboard boxes (cut by a sharpie)

2- Layer and pack

Layer your box with packing peanuts which are of foam and provide a soft strong base to put china on. Avoid putting too many peanuts or too few peanuts. They should be just enough to create a floor inside the carton.

Next wrap your plates, trays, bowls, and cups in bubble wrap. In case you do not have bubble wrap than packing sheets are also useful however bubble wraps ensure safety in movement across bumpy roads. As other steps involve much lesser time, invest your time in this part. Any improper packing or haste with your china may cause you to drop and break it.

Once done, stack the trays and plates vertically in the box on one side. Use a separate bubble wrap for each plate. For cups, use them together with their saucers. Use cardboard pieces to make square dividers for placing cups. Put them in the box beside the plate stack and use more peanuts for a base in those dividers.

3-Fill extra spaces

Use peanuts or crumpled newspaper pieces to fill the spaces. That shall cut away any room for possible movement and hold the china steady in its place inside the box. To take a break, let your kids if you have any, fill in the spaces by using that as a game.

4-Seal your box

Closing the box also has a particular manner. First, close the shorter bottom flaps that are horizontal. Then follow them up with the vertical flaps.

Use packing tape to seal your box. After placing tape on the opening, complete the “H” by also applying tape on sides of the box from corner to corner. The hint is that the middle of the “H” would be the middle seam of the box. If it feels heavy, also apply tape diagonally in an “X” shape.

After you have done this do not forget step 5.

5- Mark “Fragile”

With similar boxes, it is highly probable that you lose track of what contains what inside. Since they are sealed, you can’t look inside without opening. That establishes the importance of marking it fragile. This will also indicate it for the lorry man to be gentle with it in case he offers you a hand.

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