How would you interpret Black and White and !?!

Editor | - April 5, 2013

"The art in the gallery may evoke an emotional effect. It has made visitors cry with tears of sadness, and laugh out loud with joy"

From a Last Gallery on the Right press release...

The extraordinary artists of Last Gallery On The Right explore the meaning of Black and White and !?! with woodcuts, fresco, sculpture in steel, bronze, and ceramic as well as paintings, charcoal and pen and ink cartoons for this show.

Artist and gallerist Linda Storm proposed an exhibition to 10 artist  with no expectations except to meet the deadline. On April 14, 2013, she and you can see the results.  Storm has such absolute trust in the artists who share space in her gallery that she is fine with the fact that she will not see the art until the day before the show.  An artist herself, she has great  respect for the creative process.  "I have seen people touched so deeply by the art in my gallery, that they were moved to tears, and hearty laughter.  Art is a language that speaks to our souls,  I live to encourage that." 

Her gallery is aptly named Last Gallery on the Right.  It is located on famous historic Canyon Road of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Storm is looking forward to surprises on April 14th.  “It will feel like a holiday!”  The walls, floors, and courtyard of the historic building that houses the gallery will be filled with a language understood by the deepest part of us, and the artists will be present to share stories about their creations.

WARNING: The art in the gallery may evoke an emotional effect. It has made visitors cry with tears of sadness, and laugh out loud with joy.

A recent testimonial from a client who purchased two paintings at Last Gallery On The Right...
“We loved your event. It made our trip so special, and we thank you for your hospitality.  All the artists were so wonderful. The music was great too. 
We are planning a trip the last week of May and first week of June and will spend about 10 days exploring New Mexico. Of course, we will come to see you! It was truly a life-changing experience.
 Enjoy the wonderful life you have created. The happiness was palpable." -Jen

Last Gallery on the Right is a historic adobe home.  An artist is always present, and may be painting. Contemporary, abstract, representational and surreal art hangs salon style on the walls, and the floors hold standing steel sculptures.

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