Joplin for Joplin | - June 23, 2011

Local musicians come together to raise funds for disaster relief

“…we sang every song that driver knew….”  - Kris Kristofferson via Janis Joplin

Over the last few weeks, the news has been filled with information and horror stories about the city of Joplin, Missouri which was hit by a tornado on May 22. Over 150 people lost their lives as a result of this horrible occurrence, including several people who have died in hospitals from injuries and infections since the tornado – and thousands more have been left injured and/or homeless.  The Missouri Governor's Office says that workers from more than 400 agencies responded to the disaster in Joplin, aided by more than 15,000 volunteers. But it is still not enough – there is a team of federal, state, local and community partners that are working tirelessly to help the people of Missouri rebuild Joplin and other communities impacted by the tornado.

In the town of Joplin is a small radio station group – not unlike our own Hutton Broadcasting – that owns some of the stations dedicated to serving the Joplin community.  Within that small staff, seven families of employees lost their homes. Ira Gordon of KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe heard about these folks through his contacts in the industry and placed a call to local music maven Lynn Marie Rusaw of The Hardgroove Company.  The two of them collaborated on an idea for Santa Feans to find a way to try and help these radio comrades and other area residents in distress – even though New Mexico is a bit of distance from Missouri.  “The Joplin Jam” was born.

Gordon and Rusaw are pulling together the Santa Fe music community to raise money to help the Joplin Music Loving Community. The idea (and it’s a great one) is to showcase top Santa Fe musicians performing songs written by, performed by, or composed about the legendary Janis Joplin.

The event will take place on Sunday, at 5 p.m. on June 26.  Tiny's Restaurant and Lounge (1005 St. Francis Drive) is providing the venue and Hutton Broadcasting is supplying support staff. Frogville Records president John Treadwell has donated rehearsal space at Frogville Studios so that local artists can rehearse their performances.

Santa Fe musicians who have already signed on to be a part of the event include Teri Lynn Browning, Johny Broomdust, George Adelo, Margaret Burke, Larry Mitchell, Felecia Ford, Nacha Mendez, Mark Perry, Todd Satterfield, Michele Leidig, Brant Leeper, Doug Roberts, Paula Rhea McDonald, April Reese, Rich Reed, Ray Dera, Felix Peralta, Jen Rund, Lisa Clark and Half-Broke Horse. 

“This is a great thing for our music community to send positive energy from Santa Fe to Joplin,” said Lynn Marie. I’m sure that no one would disagree with her. For more information, visit: