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Northern New Mexico Scholarship Eligibility and Awards - (click here to learn more and apply)

Since 1999, more than 1,100 Northern New Mexico students have been awarded $5.5 million in scholarships—funds contributed by LANL employees, retirees, and contractors, as well as the business partners of our Northern New Mexico community. In 2016, 95 students were awarded scholarships totaling $566,750

The Los Alamos Employees' Scholarship Fund (LAESF) includes scholarships for students seeking 4-year degrees upon high school graduation, awards for students returning to formal education who are seeking 2-year degrees or certifications after a hiatus for other pursuits, and awards for undergraduate students of Tribal communities seeking accounting, business administration, finance, or management information systems (MIS) degrees. Eligibility and awards are dependent upon the type of scholarship being sought and funds available.

The LANL Foundation works to understand its communities and learn better ways to serve them. Guided by the organizations board of directors and building upon accumulated knowledge, programmatic experience, feedback, evaluation data, best practices, and partnerships, LANL Foundation not only takes pride in meeting the needs of students and families but also takes steps to effectively grow its programs in meaningful ways. The staff and board are made up of leaders and experts in their fields who seek to advance and innovate education to make the greatest impact

Despite challenges and negative statistics surrounding education in New Mexico, our children succeed and have an opportunity to fulfill their dreams. We hope you enjoy reading in this report about our programs and work with children, young adults, parents, and educators. We hope you also will be reminded of the powerful and positive change education can affect and the important role of the LANL Foundation for the last 19 years and into the future.