Luxx Boutique Hotel

- June 26, 2017

The Rich History of Luxx Boutique

Hotels in Santa Fe: Luxx Boutique Hotel

Do you want to make your trip to Santa Fe worthwhile? Of course, nobody wants their travels to be in vain that’s why Santa Fe has provided you with an excellent choice for accommodation. The Luxx Boutique Hotel in Santa Fe is just the answer that you’ve been looking for. It’s also won the Hotel Showdown by the Travel Channel which means, you can only expect the best of the best from this Santa Fe, NM Hotel.

The Luxx Boutique Hotel

Located near the Plaza and the Convention Center, this Santa Fe, NM hotel is known to bring to life the rich history of New Mexico all the while ensuring their customers are provided comfort throughout their stay. There’s really no better place to turn to than this sixteen bed-roomed, family owned property which provides the customers with excellent facilities to make use of. The Luxx Boutique hotel is known to give the customers a glimpse of the rich culture of Santa Fe through their choice of décor and style. The best part is, since they’re pet-friendly, you’ll even have the liberty to keep your dog with you so you don’t have to worry about leaving them behind!  

What can you avail here?

While there are many luxuries that come with your stay at the Luxx Boutique hotel, there is more to it than you might imagine. This Santa Fe, NM hotel also provides you with an open lounge where you can sit and relax or if the weather is up to your liking, you can even go to the outdoor patio and enjoy with a good book. The sculptured water fountains, hot tubs and grills just puts the dash of extra finesse to your stay at the Luxx Boutique hotel.   

What about eateries?

Well, this Santa Fe, NM hotel has an excellent sushi restaurant, French bakery, juice bar as well as a café right inside the building. So if you’re ever in the mood, you don’t even have to leave the premises to have a taste of traditional Santa Fe-an excellence. The food is good enough to leave your taste buds dancing and your stomach full! You can expect the best deals with freshly made food whose aroma is enough to make your mouth water. Making use of several different cuisines and drinks, the restaurants and bars are known to keep you coming back.

Apart from these, the Luxx Boutique hotel offer services that excel the mark and you can be sure to expect not only friendly faces but people who are willing to assist you with anything at any time you might be in need.  Not only that but they also offer the best facilities that will make sure you experience the highest levels of comfort in this Santa Fe, NM hotel. You are guaranteed to fall in love with your stay at the Luxx Boutique hotel so don’t miss a chance and be sure to avail all that it has to offer!