Madrid New Mexico…art life in a ghost town - January 12, 2018

A native New York blogger describes her experience in Madrid with Santa Fe's Gourmet Girl, Lynn Cline

So I spent the better part of a day while in Santa Fe traveling to Madrid NM. (Spelled the same as the city in Spain but pronounced MAD-rid) my friend and traveling partner had pitched this place to me as a bohemian artist village about 35 minutes south of Santa Fe.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect as we drove along a deserted highway 14 down to Madrid on what they call the “turquoise trail nestled along the northeast side of the Sandia Mountains.
The Spanish came to Madrid (named it Madrid of course as well) and started mining the rich ores found there silver and gold etc. In the 1540’s. They returned a century later almost a century later and finding silver they forced the natives to work in the mines until the Pueblo revolt of 1680.

Thirteen years later in 1693, the Spanish crown reconquered the area. The Spanish continued to mine for gold and silver but also began to establish farms and ranches in the area. However, the region remained pretty sparsely populated until coal deposits were found around 1835. A few years after the coal findings gold deposits were discovered in the San Pedro mountains and the area that would become Madrid began to grow as more prospectors came to search for their fortunes and establish their lives in the area.
When we arrived at this charming ghost/ mining town we stopped for lunch at The Hollar a delightful restaurant serving up traditional Santa Fe fare with a down south twist. Turns out the chef moved here from Alabama and bought the place for $1 from the previous owner and has transformed it into quite the tourist destination.

I met up with Lynn Cline the Gourmet Girl writer and blogger extraordinaire from Santa Fe. (Well she’s actually from Princeton NJ but she calls Santa Fe home) and we sat down to feast on Fried Green Tomatoes and grits covered in the most divine bechamel cheese ever! It was truly a culinary experience I had a lovely meal and it was so great hearing the chef's story and what led him to Madrid.

After lunch, we walked the galleries and found lots of interesting art from sculptures to fountains to scrap metal twisted into lawn sculptures and everything in between. I bought some turquoise and some unique shoes to remember the trip by and we called it a day. This truly was such. Charming little town. We found out while we visited that CBS had just left the area doing a Piece on how Madrid comes alive during the holiday season. Apparently, they really go all out with the decorations which is funny when you realize they’re in the middle of the desert!! Think Christmas lights on Cacti!  [��]

I’d love to come back to Madrid and explore the galleries some more it was really charming and. Totally different vibe from Santa Fe. It’s like being in Manhattan and traveling to park slope. Or something like that wink. If you need dy trip ideas and you are Visiting Santa Fe I would definitely throw Madrid into the mix! Don’t forget to hit up the mine shaft for a burger they say it’s haunted and glasses just shatter onto the floor for no reason! You’ll have to see it for yourself!