Meow Wolf at ART Santa Fe

Staff - July 7, 2014

Think maximal! Think immersive! Think Collaborative! Meow Wolf, the Santa Fe art collective founded in 2008, will be taking over a booth at ART Santa Fe this year and making it their own. Known for their massive installations, quirky (one could even say bizarre) themes, and collaborative ethos, Meow Wolf has been building momentum and garnering attention in the past few years, most recently landing huge installation spots at Select Fair NYC and Select Fair Miami. 

Meow Wolf (a name that hints at a distant Surrealist lineage) began with a group of young artists who wanted to create a venue for collaborative and contemporary art in Santa Fe. They became known for dance parties and art events, often using social media and advertising to create an all-inclusive experience for their works. For example with Omega Mart, the group opened a store front, advertised in local papers, created fake marketing, reviews, and management. When shoppers arrived at the Omega Mart expecting gourmet food offerings they found art instead-including some very strange "products" designed by local school kids such as "Organic Rabbit Shards" and "Honey Clumps of Hmm." The group received positive critical notice with The Due Return, a massive installation including an enormous ship which, having traveled through time and space, had washed up in Santa Fe. The group also sponsors CHIMERA, an educational outreach program teaching collaborative interdisciplinary arts to young people throughout Santa Fe.

The size of Meow Wolf fluctuates, with as few as eight and as many as one hundred members, based on their projects. Their collaborative installation at ART Santa Fe will be "a lighter and airier approach to collaboration," with works by individual artists which are woven together to create a collaborative whole. Featured artists will include: Brandon Behning, Caity Kennedy, Matt King, Sean DiIanni, Anne Farrell, Benji Geary, Christopher Johnson, Chris Miller, Emily Montoya, Liberty Yablon, Niomi Fawn and Oliver Polzin.

For Meow Wolf, public interaction is a key ingredient to the art experience. Meow Wolf's unique and engaging installation will be on view at ART Santa Fe from July 10-13.