Midtown Bistro

Magnificent Midtown Bistro

Midtown Bistro

What makes a restaurant good? Midtown Bistro has the answer. There is a variety of cuisines, an excellent drink collection, a calm and comfortable environment, and a helpful menu that allows you to understand and order just what you wanted.

Midtown Bistro is a classic example of a Santa Fe restaurant. Located right in the heart of Santa Fe so that it is accessible to people of all parts of the city, Midtown Bistro is one beautiful and amazing place to visit and enjoy a meal or a drink.

Its menu has variations between weekdays and weekends, separated for Lunch and Dinner and another menu for a brunch on Sunday. For friends, for couples and for families, it is everybody and anybody’s place to come and enjoy.

The Ambiance

The outside shows a spacious parking with a gardened surrounding to the main café with two sophisticated dining settings, inside and outside. Starting initially with a restaurant, now it boasts a bar and also a space for private parties.

The interior has a comfortable modern classy setting which has an upscale feel as you enter with the bar on the other side with comfortable stools to enjoy a drink. For fine dining, nice, clean clothed tables with easy chairs under umbrellas await you. Luxurious yet modest, Midtown Bistro’s ambiance is really captivating.

A Versatile Menu

The menu is decorated with French and European cuisines and if you are a lover of one, be prepared to give the menu a bit of your time. You can choose a French Lentil or a Chowder soup with a variety of salads for appetizers.  There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches. The main courses are an exquisite presentation of French Cuisine. Chicken, Lamb, Fish and Beef dishes with dressings and garnishing in various European styles such as goat cheese, Balsamic Vinegar and Red Wine Demi glaze are studded on the menu. Customers can also avail additional entries alongside main courses such as omelets and pastas.

Additional to the menu is a pastry basket in Sunday’s brunch which makes Midtown Bistro a good place to enjoy a Sunday off and spend quality time with your loved ones.

The Bar offers a variety of champagne as well as beer for people of all tastes. Known to be a French dining establishment, Midtown Bistro boasts a long range of popular and splendid French wine both red and white. For those strongly American at heart, there are quality margaritas and martinis as well.


The wonders at Midtown Bistro do not stop at themed French setting and food. All days have a 5-6 pm happy hour with live music between 5-7 pm each day on weekdays.

With such a loaded variety of cuisines, excellent service, and a bar promising your favorite French wine of excellent quality, this place awaits your visit right at the center of Santa Fe. All you need is to make a reservation and come to this Parisian magnificence.