Muse Times Two Kicks Off Fall Series | Santa Fe University of Art and Design: Journalism - October 4, 2012

"Each event pairs a headliner reader with a local poet to enhance local and national literary connections"

“Muse Times Two was started to make a bridge for readers,” poet Dana Levin says, a smile forming on her lips.

Levin, co-chair of the Creative Writing Department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, started the series with fellow poet Tommy Archuleta to help introduce the Santa Fe community to a wide range of poetry.

Now in its third season, poet and fiction writer Carol Moldaw is taking Archuleta’s place as he returns to school.

The fall season’s three readings will be held at Collected Works Bookstore. Each event pairs a headliner reader with a local poet to enhance local and national literary connections.“And the reason for the name Muse Times Two is because to readers there is a third entity,” Levin says, “which is the muse.”

The series is a project of the nonprofit Lore of the Land.This year the headliners for the reading are from New York City, Texas, San Francisco in the fall and El Paso, Iowa, and Massachusetts in the spring.

“The fall season features both established poets and ones at the beginning of their careers.” Levin says. “The interests of the poems range from tragic and magical girlhood, natural world, body, derelict small towns, comic books and race.”

Levin is author of In the Surgical Theatre, Wedding Day, and Sky Burial. She has received numerous poetry awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship.

Fall Series - Collected Works Bookstore, 202 Galisteo Street

Cynthia Cruz and Elizabeth Jacobson: Thursday, October 25, 6 p.m.

Gabrielle Calvocoressi and Gary Jackson: Saturday, November 10, 4p p.m.

Martha Collins and Connie Voisine: Thursday, December 6, 6 p.m.