Nationally Recognized Writers to Offer Workshop in Santa Fe

Staff | - October 28, 2013

Two nationally recognized and well-known writers and performers will teach a workshop in Santa Fe for writers. The workshop, a six month endeavor that requires one weekend a month in residence in Santa Fe, will be lead by solo-performing artist and coach Tanya Taylor Rubinstein and local, award-winning writer Candace Walsh.

The six-month course, called Author It! will help writers get their nonfiction or memoirs completed and ready for publication.  In a creative city like Santa Fe with so many local talented neighbors, this is a rare opportunity to learn from some of the best, commit to a writing schedule that works for you, and gives you direct access to local successful writers with the know-how to get published. The workshop requires writers to commit to writing one page per day, and gathering for a residence workshop one weekend a month starting November 23 and ending in April.

Taylor Rubinstein and Walsh are long-time collaborators, working on writing and developing local performance pieces, including monologues written by residents at El Castillo where Taylor Rubinstein teaches a weekly writing workshop. “We're very alike in terms of the quality and depth of content we're going for, yet very different in terms of our process. Writing a book is a game changer for people on so many levels. It is the dream of many and in today's economic climate, a necessity, in terms of being viewed as an expert in one's chosen field. For many people the completion of such a large and enduring project is a dream of a lifetime. And yet, the process itself can be elusive and writers and would be writers can thrash around on their own for years and still not have a manuscript to show for it. Together, Candace and I have the shared expertise to help writers get a finished product,” said Rubinstein of working with Walsh to create this writers’ intensive. The two will also be teaching at the Black Mesa Writers’ Intensive in Santa Fe in December.

“I’m excited to do this because it’s right here in Santa Fe and doesn’t require me to travel out of state or take away from my paid work. Finding focused time to write a book is a challenge these days but I’m up for it and look forward to learning from two such accomplished women,” said Vicki Pozzebon on why she is committing to the workshop.

For more information, or 505-470-5267.

The Details:

Author It! Create your nonfiction or memoir book in 6 months.

Pre-class Homework: Identify other books with structures you want to emulate.

Writing commitment: One page per day for 6 month duration


10:30AM-4:00PM Sat. and Sun. (1 week-end per month)

Nov. 23-24

Class 1

Set intentions.

Identify your project.

Non-Fiction: Create Table of Contents/Outline

Memoir: Define beginning, middle, and end

Dec. 14-15

Class 2

Who/what are the members of your book's supporting cast?

Non-fiction: stories about other people, examples to support your main points.

Non-Fiction: Mentors, colleagues, pioneers in field, role models

Memoir: Family, friends, partners, other writers, influencers

January 11-12

Class 3

Non-Fiction: Ensuring due diligence

Memoir: Major turning points

February 22-23

Class 4


Non-Fiction: Review of Chapters/ Adding layers to your personal narrative.

Memoir: Making sure your narrative is balanced and engaging from first to last page.

March 22-23

Class 5

Book Proposal Boot Camp, including audience definition and marketing plan 

April weekend TBA

Class 6

Project presentations, closure of class with next steps, possible public reading at a bookstore or other venue.

Fee for 6 weekends: $1800 

About the Collaborators:

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is best known for her work as a solo performance coach and has worked with over one hundred performers on their scripts, which are essentially "memoirs onstage.” She has been a writing teacher at El Castillo Retirement Community for five years. Under her guidance, her students have published memoirs, short story collections, and poetry volumes. Twenty years ago, Tanya created a therapeutic monologue process that has been utilized for people experiencing illness, trauma and transitions to write and perform their life stories onstage. She is the editor of The Cancer Monologue Project, an anthology written by people who have experienced cancer, and their caregivers. Her work has been featured in theaters all over the country and in "O" The Oprah Magazine, on NPR and the CBS Early Show. Taylor Rubinstein will be teaching with Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron at theBlack Mesa Writers’ Intensive December 6 at Bishop’s Lodge. Find Tanya onFacebook and visit her website:


Candace Walsh is the author of Licking the Spoon: a Memoir of Food, Family, and Identity [] (Seal Press, 2012). She is also the co-editor, with Laura André, of Dear John, I Love Jane: Women Write About Leaving Men for Women [] (Seal Press, 2010), a Lambda Literary Award finalist; and the editor of Ask Me About My Divorce: Women Open Up About Moving On [] (Seal Press, 2009). She is the managing editor of New Mexico Magazine [www.nmmagazine.comand was the features editor at Mothering [] magazine for six years. Her articles, essays, and poems have been published in various national publications, the Huffington Post [], and in the anthologies Here Come the Brides, and The Dressing Room. She recently served as faculty at the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat and will be teaching with Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron at Black Mesa Writing Intensive at Bishop's Lodge December 6. She's on Facebook [] , on Twitter @candacewalsh, and on Pinterest []. Learn more at