New Mexican Restaurants Santa Fe: Atrisco Cafe & Bar Santa Fe, New Mexico

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New Mexican Restaurants Santa Fe: Atrisco Cafe & Bar

Santa Fe, New Mexico never fails to surprise you with a wide range activities and tourist attractions to help you make the most of every minute you spend over there. While you enjoy the visits, the most important part is finding a good place to relax out while you take a break from walking around. At that point, fine dining seems like an over-the-top choice that your wallet just doesn’t agree with so here’s another place you could go to that’ll help both your stomach and wallet.

Atrisco Cafe & Bar

Walking around Santa Fe and doing all the shopping can really drain your energy and once you’re halfway through, you need a good place to recharge yourself. That’s where Atrisco Cafe & Bar come in: this small café is built to perfection, not only in terms of the settings, but also in terms of food and beverages. If you ever stop by the local mall to do your gift shopping, you’ll find this café hiding out in the corner of DeVargas Center. This local Café is very well known for their terrific taste and will really take the “travelling stress” out of you through their freshly cooked meals made out of local grown vegetables. There’s no questioning how much you’ll love it.

Once you’re done with shopping or even before you start, talk a walk into Atrisco Cafe & Bar because it’ll give you renewed energy just by the layout! Oh and as soon as you enter, the aroma of the food and beverages is definitely going to make your stomach start begging you for food.

What do they serve?

Atrisco Cafe & Bar takes advantage of their traditional roots and will give your taste buds a taste of local Mexican cuisine. So be prepared to give your taste buds a change and you won’t be sorry! Oh and while you’re at it, try out their bar as well, the drinks are known to be otherworldly but you’ll have a better opinion of it once you give it a try. With their wide range of drinks, you’ll be spending half the time just trying to decide which one to try out, but here’s a word of advice, pick any one. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like the best advice in the world but you’ll realize how good everything tastes regardless of what you choose.

How do they serve?

The people here are very friendly and always ready to help you out. Because a lot of tourists drop by at the Atrisco Cafe & Bar, the employees are accustomed to helping them out and will be able to provide you not only the best service, but traveling tips as well.

You don’t even have to worry about reservations, you can go in for any meals with special breakfast for the weekends as well. Remember, a good café only enhances your experience and Atrisco Cafe & Bar will definitely have you feeling good!